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Doggie_DenturesSocks lost a tooth this week. I caught him chewing on something in the living room earlier this week and it wasn’t food, so I took it away from him.  At first we couldn’t figure out if it was a toenail or a tooth, because he was limping when he came in from outside the day before.  We quickly determined it was his tooth though–when I held him and forced him to smile, there was a large, newly-emptied hole near the front of his mouth.  No blood on the tooth or in his mouth though, it just came out cleanly.  He’s not in any pain and still has a good appetite, so I guess he’s ok.   The old puppy is over 10 years old now–70 in dog years.  Maybe we need to get him dentures…

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  1. mahirose

    Guess he is getting old. We are all loosing something these days. Eyesight, hearing, teeth, hair – etc. He’s really very active for his age. Pretty soon he’ll be eating mush. Welcome to the Senior Citizen society Socks..,…

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