Black Knight for Android WORKS!

I am so excited.  I just discovered that they fixed Black Knight for Android.  It’s part of Pinball Arcade, an awesome collection of real pinball machines for Android.  Black Knight has been available in Pinball Arcade for several weeks, but I was never able to get the Magna-Save magnets to work for the game, and they’re a critical element in the game.  Plus, the magnet buttons–which are right above the flipper buttons in the real game (which I mastered and personally owned for several years in my younger days)–were placed at the very top of the table, making it virtually impossible to actually use, even if they DID work.  But they didn’t even work, so I guess that didn’t really matter much.  I was very disappointed, and since I never saw any complaints from others I was beginning to wonder if it was just me having the issue.

Today I loaded it up to see where was was in the standings.  I was as high as #15 in the world for awhile, with my best game being about 3,500,000 points.  Now my same score is about #36 in the world, and dropping.  So I started a game, and was shocked to see that the magna-save buttons had been moved near the bottom of the screen, just above the areas you normally flip the flippers in!  Seeing this, I wondered if they actually worked now.  So I dropped a target bank and then tried using a magnet when the ball got near it… BAM, they work!  FarSight Studios has totally redeemed themselves–this game ROCKS!  I can finally unplug my Wii… I won’t be using it again… I can comfortably wait for the Wii-U this winter.