Brown Thursday Weekend

We had a nice Brown Thursday dinner at Mike’s house.  Mike and Emma made a big turkey dinner with all of the extras.  Unfortunately I got paged in the afternoon (for a total of 4 times during the extended weekend…so far…), but I was still able to get back in town before dinner started, so all turned out ok.  This weekend it seems like every time I decide to leave the house for my walk, I always get paged.  It’s eery, actually.  And if I just stay home watching movies I don’t get paged…that is, unless it’s a GOOD movie…  None of that Black Friday crap either.  Just stayed home, and stayed safe.  We did walk to Petco for some dog treats with Socks on Friday, and MAN, was it cold and windy!  Chihuahuas can walk sideways in that kinda wind!  Socks toughed it out though, shivering the entire walk.

Anyway, I just uploaded a few new photos.  Nothing exciting, just Socks on Duty on Thanksgiving weekend, a cool shot Kevin wanted me to take, and a little lake we found behind Kenosha Bible Church.  Our weekend in a nutshell: Eat, Walk, Watch a movie, relax, and repeat.  And I mean “repeat” in more ways than one… man, I don’t remember ever having this much gas after eating thanksgiving food!  Is it the turkey?!?!

Latest obsession complete

My Ultimate Forrest Gump Soundtrack collection is finished.  51 tracks, including all of the songs missing from the “Special Collector’s Edition” as listed on Wikipedia.  I would have just bought the darned thing, if it was even available in MP3 format!  Sheesh.  It costed me less than $5.00 though–I was only missing 5 of the tracks.  I even created custom album art and re-tagged all the tracks properly.  It was pretty fun, actually.

Burn, Forrest, Burn! (music, I mean, burn music!)

I just watched Forrest Gump tonight.  I had seen it 3 or 4 times in the past, but this is the first time I watched it on Blu-Ray.  Now I’m on a mission.  The awesome soundtrack is one I am drooling for, and the internet is not making it easy for me.  According to Wikipedia, there was a soundtrack CD released–first with 32 tracks of the original songs (not the musical background score–which was released separately–but the actual songs in the movie), then, later, a “Special Edition” version containing two more songs for a total of 34 songs, on two CDs.  So it is out there, but I’ll be damned if I can find an MP3 version!  Amazon doesn’t have it, so I doubt it’s for sale anywhere.  It makes no sense.  I have everything I need to convert a CD to MP3’s, but in today’s day and age, I shouldn’t have to.  I’ll dig around some more, someone’s gotta have it somewhere.  I hate to have to purchase a silly plastic CD case with two more plastic CD discs, then burn them to MP3’s and just let the CDs rot in their case forever.  It’s such a waste.  But then again, this could be an awesome quest–even the 34-track set is still missing 16 songs that were skipped for some reason.  So I could attempt to assemble the ULTIMATE Forrest Gump Soundtrack of my own!  I’m sure I already have several of the songs in my collection, so there’s a start.  I’ll add comments to this post as I progress.  Stay tuned.


Found an Atari 800 and it still works!

We spent the weekend cleaning out the new garage and putting away most of our stuff from the old house.  We even filtered out some more and had several bags more of trash and many boxes for the rummage sale Sandy’s going to have.  I also dug out the Atari 800 I pulled from the wreckage of the old house’s basement and tried it out.  I told Jay I would ship it to him in Arizona if it worked.  It actually did!  I was amazed.  It fired right up and took me to the blue “READY” prompt instantly.  And I mean instantly.  Back then there was no OS to load (unless you had an OS on a floppy you wanted to load, like DOS.  Kevin was shocked when I demonstrated my programming skills by writing this program in a jiff:


20 GOTO 10

Then I typed RUN and off it went, filling the screen with “HELLO WORLD! HELLO WORLD! HELLO WORLD! HELLO WORLD! HELLO WORLD! HELLO WORLD! ” infinitely.  After a few minutes he asked how to stop it.  I press BREAK and it stopped on line 10.  I thought maybe it would plant a seed, making him wonder what else it might be capable of, or what kinds of programs could he possibly write using those mysterious “word” commands… but he quickly moved on to something else and asked for his chair back… which I had been using as a stand for the Atari 800.  So it’s in a box now, I just have to pack it up tightly and get it over to the UPS Store.

I also got the gas-powered leaf blower started today, and he had a blast filling several bio bags with leaves.  I found that setting it up as a leaf SUCKER–with attached bag–makes it much more useful than a leaf blower. The day was awesome–as Jay pointed out–it was 60F this morning here, which it was in the 30’s in Arizona.  I told him “Things are getting weird as the end of the world approaches!”  The wind was out of control though–it was very very windy, so even after we filled several bags with leaves, more just filled the yard again.  With our new chain-link fence and a big tree in the backyard, we now have our own, personal, yard-sized leaf bin!  It felt good to get a lot of them cleaned up though, and even better to have a good chunk of the garage cleaned up as well.  Things are coming along.  I only wish I could say the same for the bank.  They’re moving like molasses with the old house.

Random pile o’ crap

38 bags of garbage38 bags of garbage.  Over the past few years I had a sneaking suspicion that we were slowly becoming hoarders… Now i know for sure, as we continue to empty out our old house.  Fortunately, this will be one of the last bulk pickups we’ll need.  I wish I had documented it with more photos, it sure would have been interesting to look back on.  We started with a 30-yard dumpster, filling it to the top in two weeks.  And even after that, we only thinned things out.  There was literally TONS more.  And there’s still some left.  This was tonight’s haul to the curb.   It’s all from 17 years of living (for me) and over 20 years for Sandy.  I guess it’s good to move once in awhile just to clean up completely.  I wonder what it does take to be labeled a real “hoarder”.  We weren’t quite as bad as the hoarders on that TV show, but we were getting there.

My apologies to our old neighbors… we hate creating such an eyesore, but we’ll be out of your hair soon.  Several loads back, we were taking things directly to the curb as we cleaned… Garbage pickers quickly put an end to that though–they spread our trash all over the neighborhood!  So now we have to stack all the trash on the porch, then I have to go to the old house on Tuesday evenings and haul everything to the curb at once to minimize the spread.  I had to do a panorama just to get all the bags into one shot, but there it is.  I’m guessing we’ll have at least 2 or 3 more pickups before we’re completely done.

Movie and a walk

See?  That’s the kind of content you’re going to get in my posts if you want me to post more often.  That’s real life right there in that last post.  During today’s walk we had another similar fiasco with a “cling-on”, but I’ll spare you the details this time.  Anyway, Kevin and I just got back from seeing Wreck-It Ralph.  It was pretty cool.  A lot of it was pretty retro, with hundreds of references everywhere to old-school games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Asteroids, and many many more.  As with all of the previous Pixar movies, it was so overflowing with constant content, that you’d have to see it two or three times to pick up everything.  So–as expected–Kevin said he wanted to see it again, right after the movie.  There were a lot of pixellated and glitchy things in the movie, and I just hope today’s kids understand that it’s completely intentional.  Then again, there’s always their “old” parents who can explain it to them.  Though this movie wasn’t actually a Pixar-branded movie, John Lasseter was one of its producers.  So, if anything, it’s at least a half-Pixar picture.  And, as usual, it has all all-star cast.  Check out the official website or the IMDB page for all of the details.  As of today, its IMDB rating is 8.3, which is pretty darned good.

Socks sets a record

Record-breaking three-dump dog walkToday Socks set a record.  A “personal best”, if you will… He pooped three times on our walk!  He’s gone twice several times, but three times in one walk is unheard of!  I told him these bags aren’t exactly cheap, but he just buffed me off and kept on walking.   Since I tie off each bag tightly (so I don’t have to smell it for the rest of the walk) I had to use a different bag for each one.  I can’t remember what he ate, or if we gave him a lot of table scraps yesterday, but something filled him up.  We weren’t home all day today though–we were at the old house cleaning–so he might have gotten lonely and just kept eating for comfort.  Yeah, that’s probably it.  He has a huge, auto-feeder that dispenses his dog food for him automatically… Not quite the contraption that Einstein had in Back to The Future, but it works much better.