Socks sets a record

Record-breaking three-dump dog walkToday Socks set a record.  A “personal best”, if you will… He pooped three times on our walk!  He’s gone twice several times, but three times in one walk is unheard of!  I told him these bags aren’t exactly cheap, but he just buffed me off and kept on walking.   Since I tie off each bag tightly (so I don’t have to smell it for the rest of the walk) I had to use a different bag for each one.  I can’t remember what he ate, or if we gave him a lot of table scraps yesterday, but something filled him up.  We weren’t home all day today though–we were at the old house cleaning–so he might have gotten lonely and just kept eating for comfort.  Yeah, that’s probably it.  He has a huge, auto-feeder that dispenses his dog food for him automatically… Not quite the contraption that Einstein had in Back to The Future, but it works much better.

Author: Jim

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