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By | Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 6:35 pm

38 bags of garbage38 bags of garbage.  Over the past few years I had a sneaking suspicion that we were slowly becoming hoarders… Now i know for sure, as we continue to empty out our old house.  Fortunately, this will be one of the last bulk pickups we’ll need.  I wish I had documented it with more photos, it sure would have been interesting to look back on.  We started with a 30-yard dumpster, filling it to the top in two weeks.  And even after that, we only thinned things out.  There was literally TONS more.  And there’s still some left.  This was tonight’s haul to the curb.   It’s all from 17 years of living (for me) and over 20 years for Sandy.  I guess it’s good to move once in awhile just to clean up completely.  I wonder what it does take to be labeled a real “hoarder”.  We weren’t quite as bad as the hoarders on that TV show, but we were getting there.

My apologies to our old neighbors… we hate creating such an eyesore, but we’ll be out of your hair soon.  Several loads back, we were taking things directly to the curb as we cleaned… Garbage pickers quickly put an end to that though–they spread our trash all over the neighborhood!  So now we have to stack all the trash on the porch, then I have to go to the old house on Tuesday evenings and haul everything to the curb at once to minimize the spread.  I had to do a panorama just to get all the bags into one shot, but there it is.  I’m guessing we’ll have at least 2 or 3 more pickups before we’re completely done.

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  1. mahirose

    It sure adds up. I found that out when I had my basement fixed. I gave away, threw away so much since I’ve been here since 1969. Still got more to throw away. Does anyone know of someone who would like to buy a commercial Sewing Maching (Singer).???

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