Brown Thursday Weekend

We had a nice Brown Thursday dinner at Mike’s house.  Mike and Emma made a big turkey dinner with all of the extras.  Unfortunately I got paged in the afternoon (for a total of 4 times during the extended weekend…so far…), but I was still able to get back in town before dinner started, so all turned out ok.  This weekend it seems like every time I decide to leave the house for my walk, I always get paged.  It’s eery, actually.  And if I just stay home watching movies I don’t get paged…that is, unless it’s a GOOD movie…  None of that Black Friday crap either.  Just stayed home, and stayed safe.  We did walk to Petco for some dog treats with Socks on Friday, and MAN, was it cold and windy!  Chihuahuas can walk sideways in that kinda wind!  Socks toughed it out though, shivering the entire walk.

Anyway, I just uploaded a few new photos.  Nothing exciting, just Socks on Duty on Thanksgiving weekend, a cool shot Kevin wanted me to take, and a little lake we found behind Kenosha Bible Church.  Our weekend in a nutshell: Eat, Walk, Watch a movie, relax, and repeat.  And I mean “repeat” in more ways than one… man, I don’t remember ever having this much gas after eating thanksgiving food!  Is it the turkey?!?!

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