Amazing new discovery…and Ingress progress

Coffee WarmerI just discovered this awesome coffee warming technique! It really works! When ripping DVDs, the fan runs at high speed constantly, blowing the heat out of the laptop. This is even more useful than the built-in coffee cup holder…which is only available on the laptop when I’m NOT ripping DVDs… ūüėČ

This weekend we made a lot of progress in getting more “blue” on Kenosha’s Ingress map! ¬†Before it was nearly all green, with the Enlightened consuming large chunks of area. ¬†Last night we had a few large areas covered in blue, but this morning I see that most of our areas are back to simply links, so I’m afraid the Enlightened are becoming just that, and are working on re-acquiring their portals. ¬†We have made great progress, however, and are working with a few other key Resistance allies in the area to build up our portals and hammer on the enemie’s as much as possible.

My daily walks really help our progress a great deal, allowing us to attack and gather from each portal we encounter, both on the way out and on the way back. ¬†I’m only a few hundred points from level 3 now, and Kevin is well into level 2. ¬†We are getting so addicted to the game, it’s¬†ridiculous.

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