The big 5-0, Ingress again, X-Box, and Spam

By | Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 7:57 am

OMG! I turn 50 this weekend! The horror!! I just wish it was past already. My wife’s got something planned and she keeps insisting it’s nothing big, just a small get-together at the house… I sure hope that’s accurate. I hate all the “Over The Hill” gifts and parties I’ve seen others have over the years. It’s just another day, take it easy.

I’ve been obsessed with Ingress lately (see my previous post if you don’t know what Ingress is). I finally made L8 – the highest level in the game, and it only took 4 months! Now I am changing my focus from leveling up to helping other teammates level up–primarily Kevin, Tyler, Matt, and Eric. Having a nice group of L8’s in our area will give the Resistance some serious power in the game. It’s fun, very addicting, and I’ve met a lot of nice people who play the game.

Microsoft introduced their new X-Box recently–The X-Box One.  Really? One?  This is Three, right?  I don’t know about you, but when I refer to the ORIGINAL X-Box, I call it the X-Box One.  Hello confusion.  Are we going to get one? Probably.  Just like the PS4.  Eventually.  Everything changes.  Gotta keep up.

Finally, I managed to find a excellent plugin for my website that totally eliminates the spam I’ve been getting! This is exciting for me, because it was such a pain to keep cleaning up hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of spam messages each month. Now I can focus on other things more… like hacking portals, or posting a little more often…

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