Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art MuseumWe had a very busy weekend! Saturday, Kevin and I went to the “Blues BBQ” event that some of our fellow Ingress Resistance members organized. It was an all-day event that started with a nice potluck BBQ lunch in a park. We had some great food, chatted, and prepared for the afternoon’s events, which included an organized attack and takeover of a large college portal farm, then a planned split-up to various other farms to send a message to the Enlightened. I’m going to leave out most of the details of this mission, because I wouldn’t want to reveal any intel that the Resistance might want to keep under wraps. Kevin and I carpooled with another Resistance member to the college, we performed our portion of the attack and takeover, then quickly brought the college up as a blue L8 farm, then farmed and burned out as many portals as we could before the Enlightened started showing up to flip it back to their side. Kevin and I then got dropped off at the park we had the BBQ at, and grabbed our own car to head to our assigned farm. Kevin and I then had a blast plowing through several large clusters of smog-green-covered areas, flipped them, and made them all a perty blue color. Kevin gained a lot of AP, and he’s very close to L8 now, with just 1 bar left to go. We just need to find and flip one or two more green farms and that should do it. Either that, or if the 25-30 new portals I submitted recently come online soon, that might do it as well.

Sunday we spent the day at the Milwaukee Art Museum. After visiting there a couple times on Milwaukee portal runs, Kevin–being a big art “aficionado”–kept asking if we could go sometime for real–without the portals. So we planned it and went. We ended up getting a family membership because there’s just so much to see there, we’ll definitely be going several more times over the next year. There was a really neat “Art in Animation” exhibit there with a lot of interactive activities for the kids, and Kevin could certainly spend a lot of time just at that one exhibit alone. Sandy came too, and also had a good time. We even had lunch in their cafe and enjoyed the beautiful lake-front view.  I started a Milwaukee Art Museum photo set, so click there to see some of the photos.  I’ve been very slowly and carefully adding the photos to it that I can.  I took a lot of them, but many photos (those from private art collections) I can’t post because of the rules.  The outdoor photos are fine though, so that’s mostly what’s there, and I have many more to add, so if you’re looking at the photos on 7/18/13, there will most likely be several more added by the end of the week.

This week my knees are killing me as I try to recover from the weekend of walking. I hate that I can’t do my daily mile now, because of the extended amount of weekend walking I did. Getting old I guess. Even Socks–now at 77 dog-years old–doesn’t tug as much on our walks.

Google Navigation is gone!?!

Wow, my phone gave me a little scare this morning!  I got up early to get ready for a day-trip we’re going on today to a place I haven’t been before, so I was going to check Google Navigation to see how long it will take to get there, and it was gone!!  After some digging and not finding the icon anywhere on my phone, I remembered that I was able to always get to it from Google Maps as well.  So then I looked for Google Maps.  Luckily, THAT one was still there.  And there it was, now apparently embedded within Google Maps.  Upon further googling, I found that it has ALWAYS been integrated in Google Maps, they just provided a separate icon to go directly to the Navigation feature.  Sheesh.  So why take away the icon?  Why not leave it and just have it launch the same app?  Nevermind, I use Nova Launcher so I can actually do that myself.

It looks good though.  I love the new features so far.  Since Google bought Waze (the only other navigation app I really like) it looks like they just integrated a lot of the features of Waze into Maps now.  I’ll see how it does today, on our trip.  I’ll be using it like crazy today.  Now I can’t wait to see if they include the “goodies” pickups and points from Waze over the holidays, and what they actually do with the Waze app itself!

UPDATE: 7/14/13 – Well, our day trip is over.  I used the new navigation in Google Maps a great deal yesterday, and I must say, something is wrong with it.  It’s “glitchy”.  The entire time, as I drove, the map objects were flickering and jumping from place to place on the screen.  This included the road and building text as well as some of the background graphic blocks, like grass sections.  Sometimes large blocks covering large chunks of the screen, like from top to bottom of the right third of the screen would just start flashing rapidly.  It made it very annoying and hard to use.  I tried a photo reboot, and also closed all other apps, but nothing helped.  I hope there’s an update soon to fix this.  It’s really intolerable, and I’ll have to go back to using Waze until they fix it.

Great Ingress article…including nostalgic photo

gamers-on-couchCheck out this very good article on Ingress.  After I viewed the big photo at the top, however, I noticed it’s just a “little” outdated.  It brought back a ton of memories though–check it out–the gamers on an Atari 2600 playing Pac-Man.  There are also a bunch of full-sized 33 RPM LPs stacked on top of the (probably 300-lb.) dinosaur console television.  You can even see the slow refresh-rate of the TV screen captured in mid-refresh in the photo.  Ah, the memories!  I just can’t quite make out exactly what product is on those blue and white shopping bags everyone is carrying in the background though… any idea?