Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art MuseumWe had a very busy weekend! Saturday, Kevin and I went to the “Blues BBQ” event that some of our fellow Ingress Resistance members organized. It was an all-day event that started with a nice potluck BBQ lunch in a park. We had some great food, chatted, and prepared for the afternoon’s events, which included an organized attack and takeover of a large college portal farm, then a planned split-up to various other farms to send a message to the Enlightened. I’m going to leave out most of the details of this mission, because I wouldn’t want to reveal any intel that the Resistance might want to keep under wraps. Kevin and I carpooled with another Resistance member to the college, we performed our portion of the attack and takeover, then quickly brought the college up as a blue L8 farm, then farmed and burned out as many portals as we could before the Enlightened started showing up to flip it back to their side. Kevin and I then got dropped off at the park we had the BBQ at, and grabbed our own car to head to our assigned farm. Kevin and I then had a blast plowing through several large clusters of smog-green-covered areas, flipped them, and made them all a perty blue color. Kevin gained a lot of AP, and he’s very close to L8 now, with just 1 bar left to go. We just need to find and flip one or two more green farms and that should do it. Either that, or if the 25-30 new portals I submitted recently come online soon, that might do it as well.

Sunday we spent the day at the Milwaukee Art Museum. After visiting there a couple times on Milwaukee portal runs, Kevin–being a big art “aficionado”–kept asking if we could go sometime for real–without the portals. So we planned it and went. We ended up getting a family membership because there’s just so much to see there, we’ll definitely be going several more times over the next year. There was a really neat “Art in Animation” exhibit there with a lot of interactive activities for the kids, and Kevin could certainly spend a lot of time just at that one exhibit alone. Sandy came too, and also had a good time. We even had lunch in their cafe and enjoyed the beautiful lake-front view.  I started a Milwaukee Art Museum photo set, so click there to see some of the photos.  I’ve been very slowly and carefully adding the photos to it that I can.  I took a lot of them, but many photos (those from private art collections) I can’t post because of the rules.  The outdoor photos are fine though, so that’s mostly what’s there, and I have many more to add, so if you’re looking at the photos on 7/18/13, there will most likely be several more added by the end of the week.

This week my knees are killing me as I try to recover from the weekend of walking. I hate that I can’t do my daily mile now, because of the extended amount of weekend walking I did. Getting old I guess. Even Socks–now at 77 dog-years old–doesn’t tug as much on our walks.

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