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weather_thumbnailHello. My name is Jim, and I’m a weather addict.  I drool for the latest and greatest weather gadgets and apps.  My Roku screensaver is an awesome weather app that gives me tons of weather information.  But the Roku app isn’t why I’m posting right now.  I found a new Android weather app that’s pretty cool. It’s called “Arcus“.  It’s very “granular” and provides weather information in very clear terms, broken down to the next hour, next 24 hours, next week, temperature and precipitation graphing, etc.  When it was mentioned on TWiG (this week in Google) they even said it will give you details such as “Rain will begin in 8 minutes.”  I haven’t seen anything THAT granular yet, but it does give me almost everything I could ask for in a weather app…except animation!  Those I get from Accuweather — another great weather app.  Both apps are available in free and paid versions, offering a few more features and faster updating in the paid versions, and no ads.  I highly recommend the paid versions.  Click on any of the thumbnails to see a few screenshots.

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