Kenosha Parvo Outbreak

Neighborhood walk

There’s been a Parvovirus outbreak in Kenosha recently – most notably in the Lincoln Park area – so I’ve been keeping the dog home most days.  Lincoln Park WAS one of the parks I liked to walk occasionally, so that sucks.  Just another reason to avoid Ingress park portals and stay home.  So today, after denying Socks a good walk for some time, I decided to just walk the neighborhood with him.  I tried to squeeze in a full mile, but my bluetooth headset kept slipped off my head because it got pretty wet and slippery.  It didn’t rain, it’s just really humid today (Accuweather says 80% humidity).  Reminds me of David Letterman’s classic line: “It’s not the HEAT, it’s the STUPIDITY!”

Now I’m going to back to continue my Sopranos marathon… I’m just starting season 3–Meadow’s in college, Little Tony just starting getting his dad’s panic attacks, Big Tony is still trying to hide his money safely (now out in the shed and in each of his wild bird feed bags), and Uncle Junior doesn’t have the money for both his cancer treatment and his legal fight against the feds.

Author: Jim

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