Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm

Evil TyWell, Halloween is almost here already.  So Sunday we went to Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm.  Wow, was it busy!  I really didn’t think that many people still went to pumpkin farms.  I guess because we always went during non-busy days and times before, we never ran into the crowds.  The prices were high for most things, as we figured–like $5.50 just for a decent caramel apple–so we skipped most everything and just looked around.  (Sandy later found a 3-pack of “Affy Tapples” for $2.39–less than a dollar a piece–at a grocery store, which were great!)

Ty said the last time he came to this pumpkin farm, a llama spit in his face!  So we looked around, found the llama, and tried to talk him into a repeat performance, but he wasn’t buying it.  He did check us out, as well as everyone else around us, but he kept his saliva to himself.  No chance of a viral You-Tube video on this visit I guess.

As usual, there were plenty of pumpkin displays as well as some neat shed displays, setup somewhat like a peep show, side-by-side.  Some were so dark, I kept taking photos just to use the flash to see what was in them.  You can take a look at the photos in the Halloween 2013 set if you’d like.  Ty (IGN: TrotsLikeHorse), shown in the thumbnail above, nearly got ill trying to walk through a dark tunnel that was lit only by a spinning black tube of orange glowing lights which surrounded it, making it feel like you were walking through a rotating tunnel.  It was pretty weird, and with his recent head injuries, he didn’t last long in there.  That photo was taken when he was in there, and right before he ran back out again.  After Jerry Smith’s we stopped at Culver’s and picked up a great lunch to complete the outing, then it was back to GTA5 for the kids, and back to the TV for us.  Sheesh, are we getting old, or what?!

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