Socks’ Sacs

Last Sunday night Socks started getting very ill.  He left two large pools of vomit on our new carpet overnight, and I was the lucky one to discover them in the early morning when I got up for work.  Socks looked ok at that time, just lying in a ball in his bed like he always does.  But a little later when I was at work, Sandy called and said “Socks is pretty sick.”  He could barely walk or move at all, and screamed when she tried to lift or move him.  He would take any food or water, not even a treat.  He was clearly in pain, but nothing was visible.  I told Sandy and call the vet and see if we can get him in.

She got an appointment for Monday afternoon.  Sandy and Rick took him to the vet and they ran his bloodwork and checked him out.  No fleas and he looks otherwise healthy, the doc said.  Suspecting it may be impacted anal sacs (all dogs have anal sacs, as I quickly learned), the vet cleaned out Socks’ rear end.  I can imagine this was quite painful, but it turns out this may have been his only problem.  I guess the vet took out quite a bit of matter that Socks probably couldn’t pass on his own.  They gave him some meds and gave Sandy some supplemental medicine to mix with his food for the next several days.  Socks came home feeling much the same as he did when he went in, but the next day he started perking up.  We were pretty worried about him, but today he seems to be back to normal.  Last night we walked around the block (about 0.4 miles) and today we did a full mile walk and he seems to be back to his old (77-dog-years-old) self again.

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