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I just finished an awesome new audiobook by Daniel Suarez called “Influx“.  It’s a story about a secret government agency known as the “BTC” – The Federal Bureau of Technology Control.  This secret agency has been in existence since the 60’s, making sure that our civilization doesn’t create technology at a pace faster than we can handle.  Basically, they “hoard” these technologies, keeping the public unaware of their existence.  We’re talking about technologies like the cure for cancer, cold fusion, and gravity mirroring that would allow humans to fly.  Much of which has been discovered for decades, but locked away (and perfected) by the BTC!  I don’t want to spoil any more of the story in case you want to read/listen to it yourself, so I’ll keep it short.   I thought it was great though, right up there with “Daemon“, another one of Daniel Suarez’ excellent books.

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  1. ok it works I got on your site so now I can comment.

    I tried to get the audio book INFLUX and I am 22 on the waiting list. 22 people have requested this book before me. I hope they
    return it quickly as this sounds like a great book

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