Memorial Day Weekend

By | Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 9:45 am

Had a nice Memorial Day weekend. The weather has been great, in the 60’s and very little wind. Got all the windows open in the house, and had a nice, comfortable breeze and fresh air in the house! I love it. I even turned the humidifier off for a change. Static is usually a huge issue at home most of the year, so I run a humidifier most of the time. Right now it’s on a break, and I hope it stays this way awhile. Very pleasant. I cut the grass while Kevin was on his movie shoot. He’s shooting a horror movie with a friend from school. He’s an extra I think, but he’s enjoying it.

Kevin had his “passage” at school last week. This is something new for us, we hadn’t heard of it before. It’s a presentation that I student gives to his family and teachers, explaining everything he has learned during the year–projects, field trips, what he likes about school, etc., and Kevin did an OK job with it. He had a hard time presenting, and I know exactly how that is. I had a hard time with the same stuff when I was in school as well. My most-dreaded class was Public Speaking in college. The entire class year all came down to 4 main speeches that had to be presented to the class and guests, one per quarter, which were basically like each quarter’s test. I passed, but it was really rough for me. As it turned out though, the easiest speech for me, by far, was the final, 5thOld phone jacks speech. We got to do that one on any subject we wanted, so we could basically present something we know well. This was way back in 1984, mind you, so mine was on “How to install telephone jacks”. This was when phone jacks were the huge, square, 4-prong jacks, if anyone else can even remember those… Wow, what a flashback! Anyway, I see a lot of myself in Kevin…poor kid. He seems to have a lot of the same difficulties I did, except for the way we’re opposite in the Math Department–I did pretty good in math, and used it extensively as I learned various computer programming languages. Kevin struggles a lot with math, and doesn’t seem to have any interest in it as I did. Maybe it’s just another reason he prefers art and drawing.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Tony Angelo

    You had a much more relaxing weekend than I did. I took down a fence (that nasty one behind the garden, if you remember), replaced a gutter, and painted some outdoor trim. Somehow, I also managed to grill three amazing dinners and had FOUR whole beers!

    If tthat movie Kevin is in gets posted online, be sure to let us know.

  2. Jim Post author

    From what I’ve learned, it’s a two-parter, and the first part is already online, but Kevin didn’t get involved in it until the second part. I’ll see if it’s public. His friend posted on his Facebook page.

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