A portal a day keeps the doctor away

Ingress_LogoI had a doctor’s appointment yesterday–just a 30-day checkup because he recently changed one of my meds. He saw that my test results looked pretty good and my weight is decreasing, so he congratulated me and asked what I’m doing differently. I said “I guess you could say I’m on a new diet that’s low in calories and high in XM and AP.” After a moment, he said “Excuse me, what was that again?” I repeated it, and based on his expression and head-tilt I went on to explain what Ingress is and how it’s helping me lose weight along with some changes in my diet.  After that he understood a little more, and encouraged me to do even more of it. Watch out, toads…Now I have a prescription to take out MORE green portals!

When asked, 4 out of 5 doctors preferred blue skies to green skies, for patients who play Ingress.  It’s just healthier.

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