Looking back: Socks

Socks 2002While playing the Christmas Memories slideshow this holiday season, a few gems stood out for me.  Photos I remembered fondly, but never noted in any other way, so they just sort of disappeared into the mix.  They were never specifically titled or labeled, so they are difficult to find when searching using keywords.  So when they pop up, I try to remember the year and photo # which I added to the bottom right corner of the screen in the slideshow.  This is one of them.  This is Socks in 2002, just after we got him, with his first collar on.  He’s 12 years old now, and still our lil puppy.  These days he’ll do anything for a little warmth & snuggling, and loves a little “nest” anywhere he can get someone to make one.  Even the word “nest” gets him excited.  Lay out a heavy blanket–or HIS favorite blanket–when you say it and he’ll hop right on top, waiting to be folded into it like a pig in a blanket!  Then he’ll stay there as long as possible to soak up all the heat he can.  Our perpetual puppy.

Author: Jim

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