Our Year In Review

JAN: In January of 2014, things are a bit foggy. My photos are a mess for that month, so I had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what happened. I see photo “highlights” that month from all different events, so maybe I did a slideshow or something of the previous year’s events at that time. I also see a dump of “all photos from Sandy’s phone”, so I’m guessing Sandy got a new phone that month. I also found a photo of our Ingress Resistance group taken at a restaurant in Waukesha on 1/26, so it looks like we had a great turnout that night. On to February!

FEB: On 2/1 we went to the Snow Sculpting Championships in Lake Geneva, which we traditionally do every year. On Friday, Feb 7th, Kevin had a birthday bowling party at Guttormsen’s Recreation Center. Several of his friends and family attended and he had a great time. This is when he got his PS4. On 2/9 it looks like either Kevin, Sandy, or both of them attended an Ice Sculpting contest in downtown Kenosha. I see the photos now, and they’re great! I don’t recall seeing them before though! I’ll have to ask about these… It appears I missed a pretty nice event with some awesome ice sculptures.

MAR: Kevin’s obsession with vinyl figures from POP! Television dominate this month’s photos, so I’m pretty sure nothing significant happened during this month.

APR: A lot of photos of Connor, the newest addition to our family tree, were taken during this month, and added to our ever-expanding “Connor Photo Album”. On Easter, Kevin even got a little Easter basket this year. Just a small one, but it did include a couple new vinyls that he wanted. There are also hundreds of art images from famous artists as well as what looks like Diviant Art collections in this month’s photos, so I think Kevin was pretty busy researching art a lot. It’s amazing what G+ photos picks up and automatically adds to our photos! On 4/26 we conquered “The Caterpillar” in Ingress. This is a very long sculpture walk in Skokie, IL, with a huge number of portals. It’s usually a green farm, so our team attacked it that day and turned it blue. On 4/27 Kevin and I went to O’Hare Airport in Chicago and picked up Tyler coming back from Arizona.

MAY: On May 5th, Kevin went to a Brewers game. On Mat 25th, he participated in the making of a zombie movie that a friend of his from school is making. On 5/26 I participated in the building of a huge “Fish Field” that Dave G. organized for our Ingress Resistance team. I provided Ops & instructions from home while many players in the field, on both sides of Lake Michigan and in Chicago, did the actual leg work. It was pretty successful with many layers. Kevin had a veteran’s event at his school on 5/27, honoring many veterans for their service. He also had Matt visit his class and they interviewed him.

JUN: Kevin had a Photography Intensive for school on 6/3. He took some awesome photos! I was pretty impressed. On 6/7 we attended Kenosha’s annual Outta Sight Kite Flight. We just watched and took photos and videos…I guess running with kites is just not our thing. On June 11th, Kevin took a bunch more photos as part of his photography class. It looks like he was around downtown Kenosha, around the sculptures and flower gardens in the area. June 15th was Father’s Day, and it looks like Kevin helped prepare a nice breakfast for me. Sunday, June 29th was a blast! It not only was the day of Kenosha’s Civic Veteran’s Parade, but it was also the day we had our “Kenosha Blues BBQ” event for our Ingress team. Every Resistance player in the area who could attend came to Kenosha that day and helped us turn the entire city blue, had some great food at the BBQ we had in a Kenosha Park, and then helped build and farm the Kenosha Lakefront area.

JUL: Kevin, Socks and I went to the Ultimate Air Dogs competition at the Civil War Museum on Independence Day, and also watched a little bit of the Aquanuts performance next-door in the Kenosha Harbor. We watched the July 4th Fireworks that evening from the Kenosha Public Museum, near the front door–conveniently in range of two museum Ingress portals. We loaded them up with heat sinks and multihacks and farmed them for a pile of gear before the fireworks started. On 7/19 Kevin and I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum. On July 26th, Kevin went to the Racine County Fair with Matt, Anna and the kids. On July 27th, Chester and I took a day trip to Oshkosh for an Ingress event & cookout. We farmed a good portion of Oshkosh then met up with other Resistance teammates at a park for a cookout and some farming.

AUG: On 8/2 we attended the Pike River Rendezvous, which was held on Simmons Island. We thoroughly enjoyed the jugglers. On 8/17, with the help of “duce222”, a few Resistance agents and myself toured the Great Lakes Naval Base. Usually being an Enlightened stronghold in Ingress, we took the opportunity to flip it to blue and gain some unique acquires and unique hacks. It was a very fun “Military Op”. On 8/30 we went to the Kenoisha Classic Cruise-In car show in downtown Kenosha.

SEP: On 9/6 we attended Beth & Tom’s annual Fish Fry. Unfortunately, it was also the day I got into a little fender bender with someone. The fault turned out to be pretty much eqaul, but unfortunately leaned jsut a little more my way, so my insurance covered my damages as well as the other driver’s. On 9/28 Sandy, Kevin and I went to the Society’s Assets Bears/Packers banquet. In addition to watching the game dressed in our team’s attire, they had a nice dinner, door prizes, and honored Sandy with an award for “Exemplary Service to Consumers” for her work with her clients she visits working for Society’s Assets.

OCT: On 10/5 we attended Haylie’s 5th Birthday at Matt & Anna’s house. Kevin attended his friend Stephanie’s birthday party on 10/17, and of course we celebrated Halloween throughout October, culminating with trick-or-treat on thr 31st. Kevin did a little trick-or-treating, showing off his costume creation while I walked Socks, who also wore a dinosaur costume of his own.

NOV: On 11/8, Matt and I took a day trip. He dropped me off at Hans’ house in Grafton, then he continued North to Ponderosa Pines Campground in Bancroft, WI to pick up Rick from his camper there. Rick spends 6 months up North and 6 months in Kenosha each year. While I was at Hans’, we caught up on things, noth having seen each other for several years! We didn’t have time for much though, the visit was way too short, but he did dazzle me with some new 3D printing technology that he works with as part of his job! Wow, that was amazing. He sent me home with a few 3D-printed items and even a couple things I picked out off the http://www.thingiverse.com/ website (Ingress-related of course)! Amazing technology that’s changing the world! On 11/9 the remains of POW MIA James Vanbendegom were returned to Kenosha with a homecoming parade in his honor down 60th Street to a funeral home where hundreds paid their respects before he was laid to rest. We had Thanksgiving at Matt & Anna’s house in Caledonia on 11/27. We had 2 turkeys and it was very nice. We ended up stuffed, of course. On 11/28 Kevin, Socks and I went to “Lighin’ Up Downtown Kenosha” and took a bunch of photos. We went early to avoid the crowds though, before the actual event times, so I guess we really didn’t “attend” the event per se, but we went down and took a lot of photos of the storefront displays, which were part of the contest.

DEC: Ah, now. The easiest month to remember. On December 7th, we attended Connor’s 1st Birthday party at Matt & Anna’s. On December 20th, Sandy started having a severe medical problem. We’re not sure what caused it, but I took her to the ER that morning when she could barely walk any more. She was fine when she got u, she did a few chores around the house, then it just hit her with horrible shooting pain down her right hip and leg. We just found out this morning, after having an MRI on Friday, that she has Spinal Stenosis and a Herniated Disc. They said surgery is the last resort for this, so I guess they’re going to try to treat it in other ways first. She has another doctor’s appointment today. At this point she can barely walk, and certainly can’t work, so she’s pretty upset. After this onset, she still wanted to do all the holiday festivities as usual, not wanting to disrupt everyone’s plans. What a trooper! Not sure I could have pushed through all that myself if I were in her condition. So we celebrated Christmas Eve at Matt & Anna’s and had a nice dinner that evening. Then on Christmas Day we went to Beth & Toms and had another big dinner. Kevin opened his presents at home on Christmas morning, and he is very happy with what he got, even though he no longer believes in the magic we brainwashed him with. All in all, the holidays were pretty nice, and we enjoyed them as much as possible, despite Sandy’s unfortunate problems. We’re working through them now, and we’re hoping for the best and some relief from the pain as soon as possible. The doctors just seem so darned SLOW though… it’s like they don’t really seem to care very much, since they’re not the ones in such constant pain.

Now on with 2015. Bring it!!

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