lego oscarDid you watch the Oscars? What a mess. I thought the host was terrible–I hate Neil Patrick Harris, and he was as bad as I figured.  Not funny at all, and some pretty insulting jokes at times. His opening number had some great effects in it, making it look like it was live, but it was all pre-configured to look that way. Nothing else on the show impressed me.  Except the Lego Oscars that were handed out during the performance of “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie.  Those looked 3D printed.  Now I’m wondering if they’re on thingiverse.com.

And the Oscar everyone waits for–Best Picture — always at the very end of the show – was the final nail in the coffin: Birdman.  Seriously??? I fell asleep halfway through that movie and never got around to finishing it, it just didn’t make much sense to me. I guess I should have tried–and probably will now, just to see what happened that made it worthy of the best picture Oscar.  American Sniper won far too few awards, and Grand Budapest Hotel won far too many awards. Gawd, THAT movie was a real comedic farce. The goofy sets and comical acting was like watching the game “Clue” come to life. So many backgrounds and sets were so fake-looking I didn’t know if they were SUPPOSED to look like that, or if it was just really poorly made.  Just a ridiculously goofy movie.

And Neil Patrick Harris in his tidy whities?  Come on, I know it was a reference to Birdman, but it was still just as lame as the rest of his performance and just seemed embarrassing.  That’s about all I can say.  Since the Oscars are pretty much my “SuperBowl” for the year (I prefer the Oscars over the actual SuperBowl, and watch the SuperBowl just for the commercials), I would say this year it was just as disappointing and the playoff game that lost the Packers this year’s championship.  Just a lame year all the way around I guess.  Better luck next time!

Now I’m off to see if I can get through Birdman without falling into a near-coma again… Wish me luck!

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculpturesYesterday I stopped down at Library Park and took some quick photos of the Ice Sculptures during that event.  It was so cold and windy out though, no one else wanted to come.  I had been Ingressing just before that though, so MFYL (a teammate) was with me.  With how cold it was (well below zero with windchill!) we ran through pretty quickly, then got back to the car.  Here are the photos.

Also, I just figured out how to get my Flickr “Collections” back!  These are the groupings of sets to better organize my photos.  Flickr had removed the option a while ago in their new site design.  So I finally searched for an answer and found that the option to use them was still there all along, they only remove the LINK to them on everyone’s Flickr page!  You just need to add “/collections” to the end of your Flickr page’s URL (duh).  A geek should have been able to figure that one out…  So I added the option to my Photos menu.  Or click here to view my Collections.

Snow time like Superbowl Sunday!

Praying MantisJust in time for the 10+ inches of snow that Kenosha is currently getting dumped on us, here’s our photos from the Snow Sculpting Championships from yesterday.  Luckily, the storm didn’t start until last night, so we didn’t have any problems going out to Lake Geneva to enjoy it.  I didn’t prune out many photos, I figured my space is unlimited, so I just left all of Kevin’s and my photos together, and just sorted them by date and time.  Enjoy!

No captions are included – sorry about that, but there’s just too many to deal with.  Here are the winners though:

1st Place: Arbor Armor by Team Wisconsin 1

2nd Place: Invisible Man by Team Illinois 3

3rd Place: Dance of the Firebird

People’s Choice Award: Green Man by Team Wisconsin 4 (a giant head made of vegetables–looking at the photo in the paper, I don’t think we saw this one at the event.  I’m not sure how we missed it… or maybe we only got it from the sides or back…? Not sure.)

Click the photo to view the album or click here.


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