Snow time like Superbowl Sunday!

Praying MantisJust in time for the 10+ inches of snow that Kenosha is currently getting dumped on us, here’s our photos from the Snow Sculpting Championships from yesterday.  Luckily, the storm didn’t start until last night, so we didn’t have any problems going out to Lake Geneva to enjoy it.  I didn’t prune out many photos, I figured my space is unlimited, so I just left all of Kevin’s and my photos together, and just sorted them by date and time.  Enjoy!

No captions are included – sorry about that, but there’s just too many to deal with.  Here are the winners though:

1st Place: Arbor Armor by Team Wisconsin 1

2nd Place: Invisible Man by Team Illinois 3

3rd Place: Dance of the Firebird

People’s Choice Award: Green Man by Team Wisconsin 4 (a giant head made of vegetables–looking at the photo in the paper, I don’t think we saw this one at the event.  I’m not sure how we missed it… or maybe we only got it from the sides or back…? Not sure.)

Click the photo to view the album or click here.


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