Ice Sculptures

Ice sculpturesYesterday I stopped down at Library Park and took some quick photos of the Ice Sculptures during that event.  It was so cold and windy out though, no one else wanted to come.  I had been Ingressing just before that though, so MFYL (a teammate) was with me.  With how cold it was (well below zero with windchill!) we ran through pretty quickly, then got back to the car.  Here are the photos.

Also, I just figured out how to get my Flickr “Collections” back!  These are the groupings of sets to better organize my photos.  Flickr had removed the option a while ago in their new site design.  So I finally searched for an answer and found that the option to use them was still there all along, they only remove the LINK to them on everyone’s Flickr page!  You just need to add “/collections” to the end of your Flickr page’s URL (duh).  A geek should have been able to figure that one out…  So I added the option to my Photos menu.  Or click here to view my Collections.

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