Big Bang Theory

I spent last week (4/14/15-4/19/15) in Louisville, Kentucky with Jay and Will. Will was in the VEX Worlds Robotics Championship this year there! It was pretty exciting to learn how it all works and see all of the robots that people from many different countries and states created.  This story is just a little sidebar to that one, which is “coming soon”, but I thought just to get something posted sooner, I’d put this up right now, as a start.  No, it doesn’t have Sheldon, Rajesh, Howard or Penny in it (unfortunately)…it’s about a different big bang.

On one run that Jay and I took to a Kroger grocery store in Louisville, as we were driving down the road in my car, suddenly there was a very loud BANG. It was so loud for both of us we couldn’t determine exactly where it came from or what had happened at all. We looked at each other, very confused. I cautiously slowed the car down, but there were no parking places nearby and the car seemed to still be running ok, no flat that I could tell, no engine trouble or anything. So I drove slowly on for a couple more blocks to the grocery store we were headed to.

There was a light rain coming down at the time, so we both got out and walked around the car, looking for what might have happened, but could find nothing. We gave up, then Jay went into the grocery store and got what he needed and I waited in the car.

The entire week passed very quickly, as it turned out, and everything went fine and everyone had a pretty good time. This morning (Tuesday, 4/21/15), as Kevin and I were leaving the house to take him to school, as Kevin was getting in the car he said “Hey, you know there’s a big dent and a scratch on this side above the door?” No, I didn’t know.

This appears to be the damage from whatever hit my car in Louisville last week! There is a small dent, after 1/2″ wide, above the door frame on the front passenger side of the car. The paint seems to just now be peeling from it, so it’s noticeable. When the paint was all there, I’m guessing it was easy to overlook, which is why we didn’t see it before. That strip around the door frame seems very strong and thick, so something must have hit it very hard indeed, to dent it that much! I’m afraid to even think of what would have happened if it had hit the car even an inch in any other direction! If it had been a bullet, it could have even struck either one of us, after flying through the window! What it was we have no idea, but it sure made a lot of noise when it hit the car, that’s for sure! I’m just glad it wasn’t much worse. The area of Louisville we were in did seem a bit seedy, but I won’t theorize that it was a bullet because I really have no clue about such things. All I know is that it scared the crap out of us at the time, and I had been wondering what happened ever since then, so at least this is something. My poor car doesn’t need any more dings and scratches though…it’s been through enough lately!

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  1. So glad you are home safe and sound. I would imagine the repair shop will be able to tell if it is a bullet or thrown object. Call your insurance to see if that is covered under your comprehensive coverage?

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