Swimming Silliness

When we go somewhere or do something, I often pull out my phone and just start taking random shots, bursts, and different photo types just to experiment with the options.  While swimming at Woody’s with Kevin and Sandy recently, I took several bursts.  Google did it’s magic later on and sent me these five gems.  Give them time to load, they’re all animated:

Wind up.2gifFrom the shallow end
SwimmingBall throwA drop in the bucket

Blankth Wedding Anniversary

This is a bit embarrassing, but I forgot how many years Sandy and I have been married. Not a surprise for me, with my CRS always coming into play, but I had to get it straight before Monday, July 20th…our Anniversary! I checked the web, and actually found this little gem. I didn’t even remember I had posted it! Again, not a surprise:


In case that link some day no longer works, here’s what it says:

Jimmy G. Trottier – Class of ’81
Sandra Irene Wegmann – Class of ’77

Sandy and I met when we were set up for a date by my (Jim’s) sister Penny Brackney (Trottier) – also a Tremper alumni. Actually we met a few days prior to that first date, because I (Jim) couldn’t wait to meet her after we talked on the phone a few times. The rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been happily married ever since, and we now have a wonderful 2-year-old baby. Sandy worked for 21 years as a Nurse’s Aide at Washington Manor Nursing Home in Kenosha, and quit almost a year ago to accept a position at the company I work for, CirQon Technologies, where we manufacture ceramic circuit boards for such things as cellular telephones and medical devices. She is currently a QC Inspector, and I’m working a dual job as a Chemical Lab Technician and an IT

I was hoping I at least had the sense to post my wedding date there, but no such luck. Back to my searching…

I checked my photos, hoping that at some point I had gotten around to scanning all of our old wedding photos in. Those would surely include a date and time somewhere. Nope, haven’t scanned them in yet.

I could spend $20 to get an uncertified copy of our wedding license… probably too late to get it back in time….

I found our ancestry file, thanks to Wayne Wilson, but it didn’t have our wedding date logged in it. Darn.

I found several family member obituaries…sad, but that didn’t help. We seem to document death better than marriage I guess…

Now what?

Here’s the clues I have:
Kevin was born in February 1998, and we were married before we had him.
I met Matt when he was 6 years old and he was born in March, 1989, so I probably met him (and therefore Sandy) in 1995. I just can’t remember how long we knew each other before we got married. I know it wasn’t long before I ASKED her to marry me… So was it 95, 96, or 97? Agh! The mystery continues…

That all occurred last week. Last night, on the evening of our anniversary, I finally asked Sandy: “So, HOW many years has it been??” I was shocked to find that she, too, wasn’t exactly 100% sure, but her math is probably better than mine. She said she always remembers that we were married almost 2 years when we had Kevin. Kevin was born in 1998. Doing the math, this means we’ve been married for 19 years. Whew! I guess as long as we’re both in agreement, that’s all that matters. The “Whew” is because I’m relieved it’s not our 20th yet… I really can’t afford a Platinum anniversary gift this year! Now I’ve been forewarned!

Lastly, this is probably as good a place as any to post an awesome sign we saw at an art festival last weekend. It said

“When a woman answers you by saying “What?” it doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t hear you. It means she’s giving you a chance to change your answer.”