Sunday we spent the day at Beth & Tom’s 15th Annual Fish Fry.  It was great, tons of food, family and friends!  Matt, Anna, Hailey, and Connor came as well.  Connor, now fast approaching his terrible twos, was in fine form, just constantly moving about and walking non-stop.  He kept picking up a small blue kiddie chair and moving it around to various places in Beth & Tom’s backyard, unable to find a suitable spot, or just trying to show off his amazing strength at being able to lift a chair and walk around with it

But even without the chair, he just wanted to walk.  At one point, he waited at the backyard gate and I opened it to walk out, so I let him out and followed him closely.  We walked out to the front yard, then down the sidewalk.  I talked as he kept walking, telling him when a bump was coming, asking where we were going… He never answered me, but he was listening, I could tell.  He would look and hesitate when I announced hazards, and smoothly worked around them, and just kept going.

Occasionally he would walk astray and head down a driveway, so I would grab him and turn him, like correcting a robot, and he’d just keep going in the new direction, with no hesitation.  It was pretty amusing.  When we got to the corner, he tried to keep going into the street, but I stopped him and again redirected him back where we came from, talking to him and asking him where we’re going.  No response again, he just resumed walking contently in the new direction, back over the same old hazards in the opposite direction.

It reminded me of Forrest Gump…how he just had to walk and walk, with no rhyme or reason, he just had to keep going and going.  How far would little Connor go before he finally gave up? Forrest just stopped one day, in the middle of walking, after reaching the edges of each coast more than once.  At that time, in the movie, Forrest had probably close to 100 close followers who were walking with him, blindly going everywhere he was without question, as if disciples.  He had walked for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours, then he just stopped and turned around.  One of his followers then says “Quiet! Quiet! He’s gonna say something!”.  Forrest then says “I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now.”

We’ll all follow Connor and see where he goes.  He’s got his whole life ahead of him, and he’s on the move!  Go Connor, Go!  I bet he slept pretty good Sunday night too!

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