Facebook employees are scammers ;)

Today I got a friend request on Facebook from Mary Masters.  She supposedly is a Facebook Employee, so I accepted her request and then took a look at her Facebook page.  She has a total of 2 posts, both very recent–one of herself (again, supposedly) with a Facebook sweatshirt on sitting at her computer.  The other photo looks like a Facebook booth from some promotional event.  Anyway, that’s about all I found, so I figured I’d wait to see why a Facebook employee wanted to be friends with little ole me.

I didn’t have to wait long.  This afternoon, Mary messaged me on Facebook.  Here’s our entire conversation.  Each back-and-forth is separated by a blank line.  Enjoy!

Mary Masters
Chat Conversation Start
You’re friends on Facebook
Management at Facebook
Lives in Los Angeles, California

Hello Jim Trottier


How are you doing ?

Fine.  Are you a new employee at Facebook?

No i have been working for facebook for some time now

And you just recently created a Facebook account?

Yes it my Work Facebook account and that is how it is done Jim

Ok.. you have 2 other family members of mine on your friends list as well… They don’t seem to know you either.  Are you just friending all Trottiers?

I have brought a good news from Facebook Head Office

And that is…?

Before i proceed, I will like to know if you have been contacted by any Facebook agent or head about the online Facebook Online promo


Well, am glad to notify you on behalf of the Facebook Promo Board office that your Facebook Users Name have been selected among the 20 Lucky names in this years Facebook annual lottery promo which is aimed at saying a big thank you to all our customers who have chosen Facebook as there number 1 means of communicating with there friends and families.

Oh joy.  What did I win?

Firstly, your award is attached to Lucky Number (FB-225-7736), Ticket Number (FB-172-60), Batch Number (FB-0281/544) and Serial Number (99352748-2015).  Note them down now on a safe place and keep its very important,Once you are done with that kindly get back to me ok?.

Actually I googled those numbers and confirmed this is a scam.  The jig is up, lady.  Bye bye.

Mary Masters... or so her Facebook profile suggests...
This is Mary Masters… or so her Facebook profile suggests…

Wow.  Do they really think users today are gullible enough to fall for this?  There were several red flags in just that short conversation–including her lack of professionalism and proper grammar, as well as the brand new Facebook page and the fact that she targeted at least 2  other family members of mine recently.  Sounds like we’re on a list somewhere, and this lady’s on the “T’s”!  I could have drawn it out to the very end–which would have been when she started asking for some personal information, like contact info, or bank account numbers for a deposit, but she wasted enough of my time, and stopping at this point actually made it kind of amusing.  Be warned though.  They’re out there, and they’re trying.  And the fact that they’re very active most likely means they’re finding enough rubes to support their scamming business.  Agh.