Changes are afoot!

I decided to change things up here and hopefully talk more.  A couple people actually read this thing!  Others probably got bored and left long ago because I very rarely posted.  I can understand that.  Especially when I promised so many times in the past to work on that and post more.  Then I just went back to my old ways again, after posting a little more frequently for a short time.  If you’re still here reading this, you’ve seen the pattern and are probably saying to yourself “yeah, yeah, heard it all before, blah blah blah…” So no promises this time.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s ok to publish and what’s not for any given topic, issue, etc.. It’d be much easier (and safer) to just post fictional content instead of my real life stuff.  There’s a thought.  I certainly don’t mind the simplified layout – just a flat-out barely-formatted website with no ads or images (unless I add them to a post).  Not sure about you, but I like it.  It might not be all shiny and flashy to attract more readers, but I don’t care.

So what prompted the changes THIS time?  Money.  My annual bill came for my hosting services, and if I’m going to keep the site up, I need to try again to get back into it and do something.

What bugs me the most about the site, however, is the inability to allow users to freely post comments.  As soon as I allow public comment posting (well not “as soon as”, but days or weeks after) my site comes under attack by all the malicious bots in cyberspace and it quickly becomes riddled with fake comments including viagra ads and links all over the place.  So I have to keep it locked down to registered-user commenting only.  And even with that, they still get in, registering fake user accounts, logging in and leaving the same stupid comment messages.

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