Creepy Clowns

pennywise-in-my-living-roomThe whole creepy clown phenomenon is silly.  They say Stephen King started it with Pennywise from “IT” (shown here, as I’m watching it this morning as one of my haunting season favorites).  Well, IT (the book) was published September of 1986 and the movie came out on November 18th, 1990–30 and 26 years ago, respectively.  Wow, am I old.  Still, let’s move on.  It’s not just me, listen to the Master:



Hey wait a minute. Now that I think about it, the book came out exactly 30 years ago… and in the story, every 30 years the creature–IT–returns to Derry to kill and abduct more children! OMG, now it’s all making a little more sense if Stephen King is responsible for starting this thing!

Author: Jim

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