Slideshow articles

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of “slideshow” articles everywhere these days.  Just trying to get through one you can see the benefits for the site owners–a 20-page slideshow allows them to show 20 times more ads on the page, giving them that much more ad revenue, even though the percentage of people actually stopping to read or click on an ad on those pages is probably very very small.  And if you’re not careful, some of those “ads” will only get you into yet another slideshow “article!”  Madness.  A recent South Park episode I watched explained it perfectly, though the episode was about something else entirely.

I dislike these slideshow articles so much now that I am more likely to immediately close my browser window than continue through each “slide” once it first opens.  And what if you want to PRINT an article? Not a chance.  They’ve basically become as annoying as the ads themselves!  In some cases, however, there may be something you can do.  Check out this article for the scoop.  I know I’m not alone.  Read on.

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