Sandy’s Car

Sandy was at a client’s home last Tuesday evening, got done, and was about to leave when she found that her car wouldn’t start.  A message on the display kept repeating “Parking Aid Fault – Service Required” every time she tried to start the car.  It would just click and show that message, the car wouldn’t start at all.

So she called me, I googled the issue and found that it’s a common problem effecting this make and model, and the problem is with the Transmission Control Module.  The module needs to be replaced in order to resolve the issue, and based on user comments online, some people have had to wait (and others still waiting) weeks and even months for a replacement!  Yikes!  So I told her to call State Farm for a Emergency Roadside Service tow and I’m on my way to pick her up.

Since then her car has been at the dealer.  After two days they were able to look at the issue, and called us back explaining everything we already knew, and that the TCM is on backorder until early November!  The tech explained to me that this is a common problem with this part on this model, so Ford has extended the warranty to 150,000 miles for the part, and it’s now in such high demand that they can’t keep up, which is why it’s backordered.  The tech said he’d update me weekly, and said it might take less than a month, but that’s the longest it should take.

So we’re down to one car for the moment.  Sandy’s using my car most of the time, since her job involves driving to multiple clients each day.  I have a co-worker driving me to and from work in the mean time.

Her car sure has had it’s share of issues since we bought it!  I guess you live and learn.  We’re just glad we also got the extended warranty!