Matt Chat from Afghanistan

Matt’s over in Afghanistan now. He left a few days ago. He called us at 4:30 in the morning the other day. He wasn’t sure what time it was here, since he’s on the other side of the planet now. I just had a little chat with him tonight. It was great to talk to him and know he’s doing good. Here’s a capture of our conversation (most of it, anyway). I edited out the actual locations he mentioned, just in case: [18:34] Matt : hello?
[18:35] jimtrottier: hi matt!
[18:35] jimtrottier: This is Jim
[18:35] jimtrottier: Got Internet over there?!
[18:36] Matt : at this current spot i do
[18:36] jimtrottier: Where are ya?
[18:36] Matt : were gonna be movin out soon
[18:36] Matt : *******
[18:37] jimtrottier: Never heard of it. I’ll have to look it up. It’s 6:37pm Wed here. What time is it there?
[18:38] Matt : 5:37 on thursday
[18:38] jimtrottier: Wow, you’re in the FUTURE! Cool!
[18:38] Matt : haha
[18:38] Matt : yea it was kinda bizare to watch the sun rise like twice while we were flying
[18:38] jimtrottier: Is it dangerous where you are now?
[18:38] Matt : nope
[18:39] jimtrottier: Thats good
[18:39] Matt : we actually beat the sun rise here
[18:39] jimtrottier: cool
[18:39] Matt : saw it half way and then it came back
[18:40] Matt : mom working?
[18:40] jimtrottier: Yes
[18:41] Matt : ahh kevin asleep already?
[18:41] jimtrottier: Not yet. playing LBP right now
[18:42] Matt : ahhh anything new come out yet?
[18:42] jimtrottier: nope, no new costumes or anything last week either. We’re waiting for two weeks worth of goodies this thursday
[18:43] Matt : is it expected to come out?
[18:43] Matt : yea
[18:44] jimtrottier: something should at least. Last week nothing cause of the holiday, so i jsut think there’ll be more than usual. No rumors yet though.
[18:44] Matt : yep thats it
[18:44] jimtrottier: Can’t even pronouce the name of that place!
[18:45] jimtrottier: What they got you doin?
[18:45] Matt : absolutely nothing
[18:45] Matt : i sit around and watch movies
[18:46] jimtrottier: Not a bad gig!
[18:46] Matt : completely filled up my tb already
[18:46] jimtrottier: wow!
[18:49] Matt : i wanna get a new one and start working on it
[18:49] jimtrottier: Another tb? holy crap
[18:49] Matt : yea lol
[18:51] jimtrottier: They have new 1.5tb drives now, nice.
[18:51] Matt : yeah i saw that i was thinking about getting one and selling my tb probably
[18:52] Matt : i seen one that was 2tb at best buy i dont know if it was 2 individual or combined
[18:52] Matt : but it was expensive
[18:53] jimtrottier: I think it was 2 drives in 1 box. Lemme check…
[18:55] jimtrottier: It doesn’t say if it’s 2 drives in 1 or not. It’s a NAS though, not USB.
[18:56] Matt : whats that?
[18:56] jimtrottier: Network Attached Storage. Connects through a network port, like a PC to a network.
[18:57] Matt : ahh
[19:01] Matt : i gotta get going
[19:02] Matt : my buddy wants to head back to the tent
[19:02] jimtrottier: Ok. Keep safe. We’ll talk to ya later. bubye
[19:02] *** “Matt ” signed off at Wed Jan 07 19:02:39 2009.