American Horror Story

Sandy and I just started watching Season 1 of American Horror Story.  We like it!  It’s weird, but interesting and very well done.  It’s the kind of show with the odd video effects mixed with horror to scare the crap out of you while it plays out.  It does a lot of flashing back to different time periods, but it’s necessary to fill in the story.  At least for season 1.  This is a series that “resets” every season, with a different story and cast each time.  I heard about it by reading a small article in Happenings that said Michael Chiklis (from The Commish and The Shield) was going to star in Season 4, currently in production.  Season 4 is subtitled “Freak Show”, and is supposed to involve the weirdest freak show ever.  Season 1 is about a single haunted house and it’s very bizarre history.  I’m not sure what the subject is for seasons 2 and 3 yet, but it should be interesting!