Yard work and steaks

I spent a few hours working on the yard yesterday evening. I know, that doesn’t sound like me, and you’re right, it’s not. But I needed some time away from the technology, even if only for a few hours. So I grabbed my laptop and portable police scanner and headed out back… Just kidding… No laptop, no scanner, just me and the weeds (and two obnoxious Chihuahuas trying to bark a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower into giving up).

The yard was a bit out of hand. I realized this the other day when I came home from work and found some weeds over 3 feet tall crawling up the side of the house! I swear they popped up overnight, I hadn’t even noticed them before this, and I walk just inches from where they were growing every time I come and go from the house. I managed to rip most of them out by the roots, but some broke off, so I know they’ll be back soon. Time for a chemistry experiment I guess.

I mowed the lawn, then pulled weeds for awhile, and cleaned the back yard. Kevin helped out too, which was nice. After that, we practiced riding his bike for a bit. He seems to be underdeveloped in this area. He’s 6 years old and can’t ride yet. I don’t think he really “gets” it yet, and he’s still trying to grasp the whole pedaling and balancing concepts. But I explained how much more we’ll be able to do–ride to stores and buy toys, ride to McDonalds, ride to the park, and all over the place–and that seemed to help him put forth more effort. He asked if he could get a bag or basket for his bike to hold the stuff we buy, and I explained that first we need to learn to ride, then we’ll work on that stuff.

While I worked in the yard, Sandy cooked an awesome steak dinner on the grill. I can’t remember the kind of steak she said it was (it’s the CRS kicking in again, I’m afraid), but it had string wrapped around it. It was awesome though, very good steak! She also cooked me up an awesome “garbage plate” for a breakfast over the weekend. I told her to write down the recipe because it was very good, but she said she just threw some things together, and didn’t really remember. (she’s probably picking up my CRS through osmosis)

Anyway, I work with all sorts of weird and hazardous chemicals at work all day, and I’ve spilled my share on my hands and have had to scrub them off several times a day. They always look clean when I’m done though. But after working in the yard pulling weeds last night, I can STILL see black dirt embedded in areas of my palms and fingers! How can simple dirt possibly be harder to clean off than the chemicals and indicators from work?!? I was certain that an Iodine stain would be more stubborn to come off than our backyard dirt… I guess I was wrong. Even after all my testing and washing several times at work today I can still see the dirt. That’ll teach me. I’d better stick to repairing and building computers, it’s a lot less damaging to the body parts.