Launcher Widget Issues

I’ve used a lot of different Android launchers over the years, and even purchased several of them, but I always end up coming back to the stock launcher for one reason or another. Lately, EVERY launcher I try has failed miserably at the same thing: Displaying a 4×4 calendar widget I use very often. If fact, I have even purchased a second calendar app that includes a completely different 4×4 calendar, hoping that it might not actually be the launchers, but the calendar app I was using (Jorte). Well, THAT one has the same issue in every non-stock launcher!

So now I’m very confused as to exactly what causes the issue. All I know is that they both simply work in the stock launcher on my Galaxy SIII. They’re always there when I scroll to that home screen. With every other launcher, after a day (and usually less than that) I scroll to that home screen and I get the “Problem loading widget” error and no calendar. I always have to restart the launcher app to get it working again (on the launchers that DO include a restart option). Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’d be curious to know if it’s just the Galaxy SIII, or if the same issue exists for other phones using non-stock launchers. I had a different phone a year ago, but do you think I can remember if I had this issue then?? Ha! I’m 50 now…I’m prone to a lot of CRS issues.

Anyway, the two apps I use that both include a 4×4 monthly calendar widget are Jorte (free) and Business Calendar (paid). I always configure them to display all of my calendar events as text. On the launchers that allow resizing, I usually stretch the calendar to the edges of the screen to maximize the info displayed on the calendar, but I’ve tried just leaving it the default size as well as making it smaller–the same issue always occurs either way.