Rick takes a tumble

Rick in the ER after his fallRick (Sandy’s brother) took a fall last night.  He got up when George had to use the restroom, tripped over a pile of clothes, knocked some ceramic figurines onto the floor, then landed on one of them.  He cut a big gash in his side and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.  After trying to get it to stop for awhile, he finally called us for a ride to the ER.

He’s ok now.  They did a CAT scan and didn’t find any internal damage, so they stitched him up.  It sure took a long time in the ER though–we spent most of the night there.  Sandy eventually drove me home so I could get at least a couple hours sleep before work, then she went back to the hospital.  She got home  early in the morning and even got nearly an hour of sleep in herself, before she had to get up for work.

I’m exhausted right now, having just gone to bed again tonight, only to get paged by my hospital for an IT emergency right after falling asleep.  I’m just waiting for a call from a vendor now, telling me the problem is fixed, then, hopefully I can get back to bed.

Wow, it’s 16F out there right now.  Low of 6F tonight…brrr.  I’m not a fan of this weather.  Can’t wait till April… we’re planning a road trip to Arizona!  Really looking forward to it!