The holidaze are (is?) over.  Ours was very nice.  The kids got a lot of toys, and we did a lot of visiting and celebrating with relatives.   It was a very pleasant season, actually.  We visited Christmas Lane and the Christmas Train a few times and took lots of pictures.  We did Christmas Eve per our tradition, at Mike & Ginger’s and Grandpa Trottier’s, back-to-back, and picked up Matt that evening for his Christmas vacation time with us.  Matt and I (Matt, mostly) did a lot of “X-Boxing” and “PS2ing” as well, since we got a few awesome new games for Christmas, including X-Box Live!  So we’ve also been playing MechAssault and Unreal Championship with other X-Box players around the globe! It sure adds a new dimension to console gaming, that’s for sure!

Sandy’s been making Smoothies with her new Smoothie Machine and making us Pizzas with her new Pizzazz Pizza cooker.  Kevin’s been playing with his new cars, games, and with the McDonalds Franchise he purchased with his Christmas money!  I’ve been watching a ton of new DVDs that ALL of us got, and playing ATV Offroad Fury 2 and GTA Vice City, which I got for Christmas.  It’s been a very “electric” season, I guess.