Christmas Lane Train is no more…?

Kevin, Socks and I walked to Christmas Lane last night.  It was awesome.  Most of the houses–from Christmas Lane to a couple block East–were very well-lit and it was nice to take our time walking and look at everything.  Socks, of course, considered everything his and marked everything as such.  There’s was a couple cool animated penguin displays–one with an igloo cannon with a turret that rotated slowly to aim at onlookers, and the other one was a Whack-a-penguin game where the penguins kept popping up out of the holes in a box.  Another display had a life-sized Santa hanging by his hands from someone’s gutter!  Pretty funny.  Then we found two completely different life-sized either scared-stiff–or very cold–snowmen.  They just stood there, eyes bulging, shivering like crazy.  Perhaps they were afraid Socks would mark them…

Today, during the daylight, Socks and I walked one block further South of Christmas Lane, to the block where the Christmas Train display is normally setup.  There’s one house there that’s always a huge attraction with a model train set display covering the entire front yard (and sometimes even expanded to the back yard).  They always attract a lot of people and cars slow to a stop all winter long to take a look.  Closer to Christmas they always have a fire or two going in the evenings and serve hot chocolate and snacks, and Santa even comes and hands out goodies to the kids on occasion!  It was great…but I don’t think it’s going to be there this year.  Sadly, when we got to the house, there was only a few standard Christmas decorations in that yard this year.  He has always had the display up, or at least well into the setup by this time of year, so it doesn’t look good.

I just googled the Kenosha Christmas Train and I believe I found out what happened.  Here’s what is currently posted on

Holiday Train Display
November 23, 2012 – January 6, 2013
For your enterTRAINment – check out the Holiday Train Display. A local man used to showcase his train collection in a popular outdoor display in his front yard each December. Now he shares it with an even wider audience at the Kenosha Public Museum. Watch as locomotives chug their way through a quaint village scene.

That’s a relief, at least, from what I was starting to think might have happened.  I guess he’ll stay warm and his display will be protected from the elements this way, but still, it takes away a lot of the festivity from our new neighborhood, so we’re a little disappointed in this move.