Back Home

We’re back home now.  We got in around 4:30pm on Sunday, after another marathon 2-day drive up from Arizona.  Pat and I decided to go through the Colorado Rockies on the way back for a change of scenery and to see a whole different part of the country.  It was pretty amazing–and pretty scary at times.  We ran into a couple blizzards in the mountains that made things pretty slow-going for awhile, but we came through it unscathed.  I took a ton more photos (over 400) on the way back, so feel free to take a look.  There’s some awesome mountain shots in there, along with a few shots of the blizzard conditions.  And here’s the EveryTrail path we took… Check out the “Statistics” on that one!  At our highest elevation we hit 9,993 feet!

When I hit the first snow storm in the mountains, I think Pat was asleep.  It went from crystal clear sky and road, to ice-covered road and blizzard conditions in a matter of seconds.  Then, about a quarter of a mile into it we came upon an overturned car in the ditch.  There were four other cars stopped along the side of the road helping, so I kept going, though I did slow down much more after that.

It sure was a quick, activity-packed, whirlwind ten-day vacation, that’s for sure!  Everyone had a great time, and we brought back a lot of great memories–and a lot of extra gifts and keepsakes.  We’ll definitely be doing it again, but next time we’ll stay longer.  Not necessarily to do more–we did plenty, believe me–but just to take in everything that much more, get a better feel for things, and perhaps do some serious decision-making.  Sandy will be coming next time for sure.  Even if I have to drag her.