On sleeping in

Rick asked me the other day if I was going to sleep in today. I worked some weird hours the past couple days, and had to go into work at 2:00am and 3:00am for scheduled IT-related events. I told him “No, I’ll still get up at 5:00am like I always do.” He didn’t seem to understand, and said “I just figured you’d sleep in, since you don’t have to work the next day…you know, catch up on your sleep…?” I told him “I’ll catch up on my sleep when I’m DEAD. It’s a day off, I’m not going to waste it by sleeping through half of it. Us ‘older’ folks (I’m turning 50 this year) have to take advantage of all the time we have left…I don’t want to waste any more time than I have to.”

As it turned out, I got paged at 3:45am this morning, on my day off, and as a result, probably assisted in saving a life. A neurosurgeon paged me. The page said “…having issues, needs your help NOW please!” I called him, he said he had a patient in the ER with a brain hemorrhage, and can’t login to see his images. I believe he was calling in from home or another location other than the hospital. I quickly reset his password and waited on the phone until he was able to get to the images he needed.

Awesome start to a day off–Now I get an extra hour to enjoy it even more! Have a nice one yourself!