The Flood of 2004

Well, Geekette gave it a good name today. This entry’s title says it all. The headline on the front page of the Kenosha News today reads “Floodgates Have Opened – Kenosha County executive declares a state of emergency.”

Yeah, there’s some water out there. I had a computer job in Illinois today, and I was a little concerned this morning about the best route to take to get there. I chose to take Highway 50 to 45, and 45 South into Illinois. I got lucky and didn’t hit any flooded roads except this one, which I drove through without a hitch.

The trip back was another story though. I chose a slightly different route for my return trip, and ended up having to backtrack about 5 miles when I got here. I’m listening to the scanner calls right now, and they removed the barricades from that very intersection not more than 15 minutes ago, and now there’s a pickup truck stuck in it. The utility workers at the intersection reported that he was continuously bumping a barricade further and further down the roadway, probably goofing around, when his truck fell into a ditch. Brilliant. They’re going to check him for a possible DWI now.

Geekette posted some great pics too, from right outside her door. I love the basketball court pic!