Flickr or G+ Photos? The battle resumes

So not only does Hans use Flickr, but The White House also does… Then again, The White House seems to be on EVERY social media platform, so I’ll take that with a grain of salt.  I left Flickr a while back when they were about to up their price for a paid subscription from $24.99 a year to $49.99 a year.  So I left my photos there, assuming it would revert to a “free” account, which was, at that time, limited to viewing the last 200 photos you uploaded (even though all the others were still on the site).

Well, somewhere along the line, they changed it completely.  The price is still the same, but it’s now simply “ad-free” for $49.99 a year, but no other limitations if you don’t pay anything!  You still get access to ALL of your photos, with a huge 1-terabyte space limit–the same limit whether you pay for ad-free or not.  So, with that in mind, and my photos still intact, I’m playing with Flickr again, seeing how much they’ve changed & improved, and comparing things with G+ photos, which I moved to almost exactly a year ago.

Since I’m also WAY behind on publishing most of my photos since that move as well, I’ve been updating my albums on Flickr with everything from the past year, and I’ll post those links here shortly.  Looking at my 1-terabyte limit, I’m currently at 7%, just to give you an idea of Flickr’s capacity.  On G+ I pay $9.99 a month for 1 Terabyte of storage (aka “Google Drive”), but this includes all of my photos as well as my documents and all of my backups.  I am at about 30% capacity on Google Drive, just as a comparison.

We’ll see where things go from here.  Stay tuned for some new albums shortly.  Or go right to my Flickr Albums to see what’s there already.

Launcher Widget Issues

I’ve used a lot of different Android launchers over the years, and even purchased several of them, but I always end up coming back to the stock launcher for one reason or another. Lately, EVERY launcher I try has failed miserably at the same thing: Displaying a 4×4 calendar widget I use very often. If fact, I have even purchased a second calendar app that includes a completely different 4×4 calendar, hoping that it might not actually be the launchers, but the calendar app I was using (Jorte). Well, THAT one has the same issue in every non-stock launcher!

So now I’m very confused as to exactly what causes the issue. All I know is that they both simply work in the stock launcher on my Galaxy SIII. They’re always there when I scroll to that home screen. With every other launcher, after a day (and usually less than that) I scroll to that home screen and I get the “Problem loading widget” error and no calendar. I always have to restart the launcher app to get it working again (on the launchers that DO include a restart option). Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’d be curious to know if it’s just the Galaxy SIII, or if the same issue exists for other phones using non-stock launchers. I had a different phone a year ago, but do you think I can remember if I had this issue then?? Ha! I’m 50 now…I’m prone to a lot of CRS issues.

Anyway, the two apps I use that both include a 4×4 monthly calendar widget are Jorte (free) and Business Calendar (paid). I always configure them to display all of my calendar events as text. On the launchers that allow resizing, I usually stretch the calendar to the edges of the screen to maximize the info displayed on the calendar, but I’ve tried just leaving it the default size as well as making it smaller–the same issue always occurs either way.

Another DVR Down

Well, we blew our second DVR drive last week. I think we’re getting pretty good at it. This one was the second of the two original DVRs we got when we started using them back in August of 2003. They gave us a new box and we were back up and running again the next day. Except without the 20 or so scheduled recordings we had set. Now we have to wait until the fall TV season gets rolling again to find our shows in the schedule and set new timers. But luckily we didn’t lose any critical saved shows on the hard drive.

And since we got the new box we’ve been enjoying the free “on-demand” channels we now get! I think this is something new (the free ones I mean) because I hadn’t heard of them before. Sandy likes The Food Network On Demand. She gets a list of saved shows and recipes and she just chooses one and there it is, whenever you want to watch it. It’s like having a hard drive already filled with a bunch of shows from each channel and you just choose what you want to watch whenever you want. Kevin likes the Cartoon Network On Demand and PBS Kids On Demand and I like TechTV On Demand, although I’m not sure how long this channel will last, seeing how everything is so up-in-the-air now regarding TechTV these days. Speaking of which, I can’t record The ScreenSavers properly yet since they moved it to the stupid G4TechTV channel. There’s no show schedule on my DVR for that channel! It just shows “No Data” across the entire day for that channel. That kinda takes the Tech out of TechTV, doesn’t it? I haven’t gotten around to trying to create a manual schedule for it yet, but that’s what I’ll have to do I guess. But I can see it already–as soon as I create a custom schedule that works they’ll cancel the show and fire the staff. It certainly wouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point.

Time Warner also gave us 3 free months of HBO On Demand and Cinemax On Demand with the new DVR too. So guess what I’ve been catching up on lately? Season 5 of the Sopranos! This is awesome. I can’t wait until they do this with EVERY major TV show! Just scroll through each episode and watch the shows you missed, or watch the entire season beginning to end!

DVRs and a picnic

This weekend our family finally stepped into the Wonderful World of DVRs. We traded in our old digital cable boxes and picked up two new “Explorer 8000’s”. We can now record anything on cable digitally and never have to use our VCRs again! It costs a few bucks more on the cable bill, but I’ve gone through a LOT of video tapes and even a few VCRs over the past few years, so for me it’s a dream come true. With a couple clicks of the remote it’ll record EVERY episode of any series on TV, no matter what time or day it comes on! Kevin will now have an endless supply of Spongebob episodes to watch! Sandy’s Soaps are already set to go, and several of my computer shows are already filling up “MY” box’s hard drive!



We also went to the UAW Local 72 Annual Company Picnic this Sunday. It was fun. We ate a LOT of food and Kevin got to climb and slide down his favorite inflatable: The Titanic Slide! We paid $2.50 each time he climbed onto this ride at Pleasant Prairie Family Days, so it was a relief to find it completely free at the UAW picnic! He also played a bunch of the kids games and won a few small prizes. Mostly consolation prizes, but he tried his best! He also got a balloon animal head attachment they called a “Jeepers Creepers.” I took a few pictures, so those will be posted soon. Luckily I got a shot of the balloon thing quickly–It popped shortly after, completely breaking Kevin’s little heart! He cried all the way home. sad