Software scams, Baitware, Phishing…

It seems like nearly EVERYTHING you install these days comes with a catch.  You need to be careful not to do an “Automatic” or “Full” install of anything, because they means “go ahead, install everything”, or “go ahead and install whatever you want”, and that will almost always get you in trouble.  Even totally legitimate applications and the big-name software makers will do this now, which makes it very annoying all the way around, and actually ends up getting me more side work….Cleaning up users’ PCs when they slow way down or start getting uncontrollable popups.  This is not a good thing.  Sure, I could always use the work, but I’d rather not have to clean up after these program vomit their garbage all over a customer’s hard drive.  Users have enough problems without adding all this mess, and it only causes them more frustration, sometimes ending with them hating Windows or their computer manufacturer for giving them all of these headaches. Make sure to get a file recovery software to keep all your documents safe.

If you’re careful though, with each and every install and mouse click, you can minimize your chances of having these problems.  It’s the same with the web and junk e-mail.  Be careful what you click one and don’t believe everything you read.  Scams are everywhere.  Anything that ever makes someone a little profit is exploited as much as possible.

Make sure you have an antivirus installed.  But even if you do, these days that’s not enough.  Malware is not considered a virus, so clicking something bad on the web or simply visiting a bad website will often result in malware being installed on your PC.  You need to either run a malware scanner regularly or install one that constantly monitors your PC and catches them immediately.  The latter is usually only available as a paid service, however, usually as a “pro” or “advanced” version of a standard malware scanner.  Keep in mind that all of these, as well, are also used to scam users.  Some malware and viruses appear as popup notices explaining that you’re PC is infected with many bad malware programs or viruses and offer to fix it for you, sometimes for a fee.  This usually results in an even worse infection on your PC, or nothing at all, as they are usually only there to inject themselves deeper into your system, or worse yet, to scam you out of your credit card information, giving you nothing in return as they sell your information to make their money.

Personally, I use Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Antimalware.  As of Windows 8, Security Essentials is built in, which is a great step forward.  Many will insist this is only “basic” protection and users need a much better application, or suite, to protect them…usually for a price, of course.  This may very well be.  Just be careful and make absolutely sure you’re choosing a legitimate solution and not just another elaborate scam.  As I said, those are what I use, and I rarely have issues.  They’re both free, though Malwarebytes does have a “pro” version that monitors your PC live just like an antivirus program, and supposedly catches malware before it infects your PC.  I haven’t tried it though, so I can’t say how effective it is or isn’t.

Walks…and everything else for the past 4 years

So, continuing with my Facebook negativity, you won’t be seeing my daily walk posts there any more either. They will, however, continue to appear in the “Latest Photos” block on the right sidebar on my website, as they always have. These are snapshots of my walks, which I try to post daily. It motivates me to “draw something” every day on my walk, using CardioTrainer’s GPS mapping capabilities. Everyone else can feel free to use the “Post to Facebook” option in the “Share the knowledge!” block below my posts on this site–I, however, won’t be re-posting my own posts on Facebook like I have in the past. I feel one post on the web is enough, why overdo it? Besides, I have so much better control over how my content looks and acts to the public on my own site, unlike Facebook.

And shhhh… I’m not doing anything like “announcing” that I’m abandoning Facebook as my “last Facebook post” or anything… It’ll just be like I’ve just sorta “disappeared” to some people.  Just you and I know what really happened though, cause you’re nice enough to stop over here once in awhile and look at my site.  Sure, socially it’s probably a step backward, sort of.  But I’ll actually be posting more often, now that I only have just one single place to concern myself with.

And I’m sure I’ll still stay up on everyone else’s Facebook statuses, since that’s the way they prefer to keep in touch.  I just won’t be updating my status there.  Speaking of statuses, my website is missing nearly all of my Facebook posts!  Time to fix that.  Ever hear of “Give me my data”?  It allows you to find and backup all of your Facebook data!  Seriously.  Everything you’ve posted on Facebook, every check-in, every like, link, photo, all of it–is right there, ready to grab and save in many different formats.  Keep in mind that this data includes EVERYTHING too though… all the behind-the-scenes information collected for each transaction as well, so it can look a bit complicated, but that’s how everything works behind-the-scenes, so it’s also very interesting… for ME, anyway.  So here’s all my Facebook posts, plan and simple, straight from the data.  Wow, this is 4 whole years of posts – 2009 to 2012 – and there’s only 67 of them!  The date stamp is a little oddly formatted, but you can read it ok.   Here goes – 4 years of my life – BAM:


2009-07-20T05:43:29-07:00 Careful with those stupid sidebar ads… I clicked on the one to make a cartoon “tattoo” of myself… turns out it installed a “fast browser search” addon on my PC that was a bit difficult to get rid of!
2009-07-20T05:44:04-07:00 So much for trust Facebook addons…
2009-07-30T18:45:11-07:00 Sandy was on the Channel 7 (Chicago) news last night.  She went to the vigil for the Shirl’s Custard Stand employee who was killed and Channel 7 interviewed her.  I’m trying to edit & transfer the video- so I’ll post it on here once I get
2010-03-26T05:09:06-07:00 This might be a stupid question- but where can I find my frinds list on Facebook??? I just don’t understand why this very simple task can be so hard to find.  I click on “Friends” under “News Feed” under my photo and I can SEARCH for friends- but my curent list of friends isn’t there.  Under “Friends Online” there’s a “See All” option and that just brings up some chat box that wants me to create a friends list.
2010-04-23T08:04:28-07:00 Anybody see the recent Facebook episode of Southpark?  Wow- another classic!  They really nailed it- just like they did with their World of Warcraft episode – Make Love not Warcraft.
2010-05-07T16:36:07-07:00 Brianna had her baby just minutes ago.  Her name is Tessa Jade.  She is 6 pounds- 13 ounces- and 19 inches long!  Brianna was in labor since 11:30pm last night! Wow!
2010-08-03T16:09:42-07:00 is Going to watch the last two episodes of Reaper – Season 1 tonight!
2010-08-19T18:55:38-07:00 My website is down.  Everything is lost.  It was hacked- and my host says their policy is to wipe the entire site out- then unlock it so I can rebuild it.  Nice.  I’m already in the process of switching hosts- and I’m working up a good rant about my old host. TOTALCHOICEHOSTING SUCKS!  Come on over to (in 24-48 hours when it’s fully transferred) and watch me rant.
2010-08-29T05:34:53-07:00 has just joined SourceCoast. Home of the best Facebook Connect and Joomla integration component- JFBConnect. (
2010-09-01T16:44:43-07:00 Car show this Sunday! We’ll be there! he Southern Wisconsin 82nd Airborne Division Association will hold its  seventh annual Car Show from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday- Sept. 5- at  Simmons Island- 50th Street and Fourth Avenue.  Cars- trucks-  motorcycles and military vehicles from all years are welcome. The fee to  enter a vehicle is $10. There is no fee for spectators.
2010-10-09T10:51:53-07:00 I’m listening to The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World (Unabridged) Part 1 by David Kirkpatrick on my Audible for iPhone app.
2010-10-10T18:57:44-07:00 Dexter was awesome tonight!
2010-10-17T18:57:10-07:00 Dexter’s got a partner!
2010-10-26T14:18:14-07:00 Listening to “Love Theme From the Godfather” by The Godfather Soundtrack and loving it! See the video & lyrics:
2010-10-26T14:50:09-07:00 Listening to “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker and loving it! See the video & lyrics:
2010-10-26T19:05:31-07:00 Listening to “I`m Going Home” by Hootie & the Blowfish and loving it! See the video & lyrics:
2010-10-27T08:33:19-07:00 Listening to “Lithium” by Evanescence and loving it! See the video & lyrics:
2010-10-27T20:34:50-07:00 Listening to “Mad World (American Idol Studio Version)” by Adam Lambert and loving it! See the video & lyrics:
2010-10-27T20:47:28-07:00 Listening to “Everybodys Fool” by Evanescence and loving it! See the video & lyrics:
2010-11-02T14:05:39-07:00 shout “I voted!” Today to get a badge today (but don’t lie)
2010-11-07T13:41:22-08:00 Walked the indoor track @ RecPlex today.  Found out there’s no GPS reception there for MyTracks- so mapping is useless.  Anybody know of a good pedometer for Android?  None of them work as well as iTreadmill does on the iPhone.
2010-11-07T18:37:42-08:00 I’m sharing my progress using Lose It! ( on Facebook!
2010-11-07T18:42:39-08:00 I spent 1 hour walking. 286. calories burned.
2010-11-13T09:56:15-08:00 Watching SKYLINE!
2010-12-15T12:24:29-08:00 Listening to “My Destination” by Boston and loving it! See the video and lyrics:
2010-12-20T17:09:00-08:00 Using Google Skymap & waiting for tonight’s lunar eclipse.
2010-12-20T23:01:35-08:00 Too cloudy to see lunar eclipse tonight.  Bummer.
2010-12-24T07:03:15-08:00 Thanks to everyone for the encouragement on my workouts!  With that- and the motivators built into CardioTrainer- it makes it fun and keeps me wanting to do more.  I could do without the wagers it wants me to do for my New Years Resolution though.
2011-01-10T21:25:01-08:00 We just got into bed tonight- saw a bright flash in the window- then heard a boom!  House at 2115 55th Street just blew up!! Listening to the chaos on the scanner right now.
2011-01-15T19:36:48-08:00 Listening to “Secrets” by OneRepublic and loving it! See the video and lyrics:
2011-01-23T14:56:35-08:00 GO FREEZER!!
2011-01-23T16:25:10-08:00 Listening to “A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience [Explicit]” by Linkin Park and loving it! Visit for more
2011-02-02T04:15:39-08:00 Check your furnace vents!  This has got to be the most-called issue for the fire department during the storm–gas smell in homes due to clogged vents.  And don’t forget your dryer vent as well.
2011-02-02T04:16:59-08:00 This morning’s scheduled Chihuahua Toss has been CANCELED.  He would never make it out alive!
2011-02-12T17:43:49-08:00 Rollover on I94 & hwy 50.  Guy got out and walked away with a head injury.
2011-02-16T05:12:34-08:00 Kenosha’s city garbage men are so considerate…  This morning at 7:00 am they didn’t have a wide enough path due to a couple cars parked on our street- so they sit there and lay on the air horn for about 5 minutes- wake up the entire neighborhood-  until someone comes out and moves their car.  Would want to have to walk a couple extra feet with any trash cans!  Sheesh.
2011-03-04T05:52:43-08:00 Listening to “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) [Explicit]” by Katy Perry and loving it! See the video and lyrics:
2011-03-13T17:43:52-07:00 I keep getting scolded for mispronouncing the Japan city where the reactor is melting down: Fukushima.
2011-03-19T13:15:13-07:00 I’m still walking daily- and checking in everywhere- but Facebook is missing it.  I was told that Facebook often changes their API- which breaks connectivity with many apps- and doesn’t let the developers know what has changed.  Wonderful.  My whole world just falls apart.  Thanks- Facebook.
2011-03-26T09:37:27-07:00 Fascinating scene on Sheridan Road & 67th Street right now — One Northbound lane open- all the rest packed solid with parked police cars.  The funeral for the police officer killed in the line of duty is at Green Ridge Cemetery.  I’m uploading a few photos now…
2011-04-10T16:03:34-07:00 A child fell off the North Pier about 30 min ago… police are still searching the water.
2011-04-10T16:15:54-07:00 They found the child! Loading the ambulance now.  No word on condition yet.
2011-04-21T15:44:34-07:00 The Playstation Network is down- possibly for a day or two.  Kevin is having withdrawal symptoms… He can’t play with his online friends in LBP 🙁  He should go back to playing Dodgeball I guess!
2011-05-04T18:20:30-07:00 Jacob Lusk really sucked tonight.  What the heck happened?  He was Sandy’s favorite.
2011-06-02T14:26:47-07:00 Thanks everyone- for the well-wishes on the 19th anniversary of my 29th birthday!  (it sounds much better that way)
2011-06-30T18:28:23-07:00 Wow- tornado just ripped through here or what?!?!  Trees fell all over down- ripped our back screen door half off- security lights shattered…now sirens everywhere and our power is out!
2011-06-30T19:06:34-07:00 Big hole in our neighbors house…wow
2011-10-02T16:23:53-07:00 Just activated Showtime for another season.  All set for the Dexter and Homeland premiers tonight!
2011-10-03T16:35:44-07:00 Woohoo!  Just installed Netflix on my Xoom and it works great!!
2011-11-24T05:43:17-08:00 Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Please disregard my wife’s warning this morning to not eat too much turkey… GO FOR IT! If you can stay awake through the whole Packer game- you didn’t get enough tryptophan. I’m skipping lunch to save space. Enjoy!
2011-11-24T14:49:37-08:00 Brown Thursday was awesome!!! Hope everyone else’s was just as nice.
2012-01-03T15:03:58-08:00 Matt made supper tonight… His version of a Nafi’s Bigfoot omelet!  It was awesome.  Added 2 drops of Angry Elf- and it was perfect!  Matt- where’s the pic?!
2012-01-19T06:11:57-08:00 Ice cream sandwich for breakfast!!  (Got Android 4 on my Xoom this morning)
2012-01-24T16:51:57-08:00 1 12-oz. Can of V8 + 2 drops of Angry Elf = 1 glass of AWESOME!
2012-02-26T18:49:41-08:00 Go RANGO!  Best animated feature film!
2012-02-26T18:59:30-08:00 Hugo for best visual effects- over Transformers 3- Real Steel- and Planet of the Apes… Guess what I’m picking up Tuesday!
2012-03-17T13:30:14-07:00 Wow- just watched the most bizarre episode of Greys Anatomy ever.  Season 7- Episode 18…. They must have been trying to compete with Glee during sweeps or something.  <insert eye roll here>
2012-03-25T12:18:35-07:00 Headache resolved.  It always drove me nuts how I’d accumulate dozens of notifications in my Motorola Xoom tablet’s tray in Android 4.  Today I found that- instead of flicking off each notification to remove it- there’s an “X” at the bottom of the list.  When you click it- it clears every notification and the list is gone!  Sweet!
2012-03-30T15:32:57-07:00 I received the Android 4.0.4 update on my Xoom today.  It offers improved stability- smoother screen rotation- faster performance- and a bunch of other improvements.  If you’re on Android 4- install this update.
2012-04-01T17:32:14-07:00 Just started reading book 3 of the Hunger Games- “Mockingjay”!!  OMG!  District 13 EXISTS!!
2012-04-05T13:44:52-07:00 Sorry for the map issues with Everytrail today- its not very up-to-date- but its storing everything- so it’ll show up by the end of the trip some time tomorrow.  I’ll try to get pieces up as often as possible.
2012-04-19T16:44:34-07:00 Went to the Dr. today.  Numbers look awesome- and I lost 7 lbs in 2 months.  Thanks Jay & Shell- for not fattening me up in Arizona!  All the sweating probably helped!
2012-04-19T16:54:02-07:00 Almost forgot… we went through South Park- Colorado (actually named Fairplay) on our way back home from Arizona (in case you missed our Foursquare check-in).  Unfortunately it was at night though- so we weren’t able to see much or take pictures.  If it had been during the day though- I’m sure Walter and Achmed would have enjoyed a few more on-camera Kyle- Stan- Kenny and Cartman parody poses.
2012-04-26T09:32:03-07:00 PhilPhil must go home home tonight.
2012-04-30T11:55:16-07:00 Holy crap- today’s 2 o’clock orange nailed my glasses dead center in my good eye!  My wife’s trying to blind me!
2012-05-05T12:59:06-07:00 Got our 2012 assessment: Wow- our property value went DOWN $17-000 this year!  I certainly hope this means less we have to pay in property taxes!  I see how all of those repairs we did last summer really paid off…NOT.  Thanks- City Of Kenosha.  At least now I understand your initials… way to stick it to us!
2012-05-23T19:24:06-07:00 Told ya!