Fed up!

Ok, now I’ve had it. My allergic reaction is now reoccuring, just as my original infection reoccured before it. I’m caught in some sort of loop here. I saw the doctor today and he stopped the antibiotics. Turns out I’m PROBABLY allergic to all of them I guess. So now I’m on Benadryl to treat the allergic reaction and I’m off the antibiotics completely. The doctor says if the infection comes back go back to the ER. (And I imagine we’ll repeat this whole scenario once again–Why does it feel like I’m my own personal version of the movie “Groundhog Day?”) Hopefully the infection is dead enough for my body to continue to fight it, otherwise I’m screwed. The doctor said even if he sends me to a specialist, the specialist will just prescribe more antibiotics… Sheesh.

He said most people who get an infection can get rid of it in a few weeks, but since my circulation in my legs is so bad it takes ME months instead. He suggested some foot exercises to increase circulation, and lots of elevation of the leg. I sure need to do SOMETHING different, that’s for sure. Guess it’s time to start doing the treadmill again and take off some weight.