A few favorites

I just added a few more favorites to the small “Arizona Vacation – 2012” photo album.  This set is intended to include those photos I love the most from the entire trip, so I’ll be placing some photos here that you might also find in the other photo albums from the trip, just to highlight them.  Here’s today’s uploads:

Here’s a few shots of the “nippliest” mountain peak I think we saw… I think these turned out great, considering they were taken in a moving car though the front windshield.  You can see a bit of dashboard reflection and a few slaughtered bugs on the widshield if you look real close, but I think even that adds a little something interesting to the shots.  Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3.

I meant to ask Jay this when we got to Arizona, but completely forgot about it until I found these tonight: What the heck do you call these “retarded punk-ass cacti” we saw on the way down, in New Mexico?!  I expected to see more of them during the trip, but I only saw them on the way there, just after we passed White Sands.  They look like cactus that don’t know how to cut their hair or even look decent and respectful…they’re just “punks”.  It was very amusing to me (and apparently ONLY me, as I was the only one laughing–hysterically–in the car) when we kept driving past more and more of them.  After I calmed down a little I was able to snap this and this.

And here and here is proof positive that not everything is brown in Arizona… regardless of what everyone thinks… It is, however, much more expensive to maintain this color of lawn…

And lastly, to close out today’s posting, Achmed and Walter watch the sun rise over Lake Pleasant.  G’night.