Leo Laporte & Kanye West

I thought this was pretty amusing: I watch the TWiT network’s This Week in Tech and This Week in Google every week religiously. This week I got a bit behind though, so this morning I was watching last week’s episode of This Week in Google before work to catch up. It was episode #296 – “Smells Like a Pivot”. Anyway, at 1 hr 38 minutes into the episode, Leo Laporte, the host of the show, gets distracted when he gets a notification that Kanye West is now following him on Kong! He goes on to explain what Kong is–a very new social “selfie” app that makes animated GIFs you send to your friends. He says, sarcastically, that now that Kanye is following him, he’s going to retire, he’s done.

So, not knowing what the heck Kong is, I downloaded and installed the app immediately to try it out. It offered to have me follow my friends, so I OK’ed that, but there was only 1 friend that it found–a co-worker of mine. Next it shows the animated selfies from everyone you follow, so there was my co-worker. I long-pressed his photo after I figured out this is how you display a person’s username in Kong, and guess what!? His username is kanyewest! Holy crap! My co-worker was the one who interrupted an episode of This Week In Google! Unbelievable!

I talked to my co-worker at work today and explained what had happened. He hadn’t heard of that podcast, so he downloaded it and watched that section of it, confirming that he, indeed, was the one who did this! He said, when he installed the app and setup his account, he chose kanyewest as his username and there were about 200 people on his “friends” list, Leo included, but most of them weren’t his actual friends. He figured they were still working out the bugs and this was maybe a “suggested list” of users to follow, so he followed them all. Wow, what a small world, hey? What are the odds?

Here’s the link to the episode: Watch from about 1 hr 38 min. in: TWiG Episode 296