Good Christmas? I’m hip!

Since midday Thursday I had been in severe pain. It has something to do with my right hip or something in that general area. I had minor problems before this with might right leg going a little numb whenever I sat in my recliner for an extended period of time. To alleviate it, I would sit up or get up and move around, then the feeling would come back and I’d be fine again. No real pain, just a numbness–just an inconvenience seemingly just to keep me active and not being lazy for too long, I figured.

But Thursday, the day before my nice 4-day holiday weekend, I tried to walk for lunch. I made it about 1/4 mile when the pain started hitting me hard, and it was in BOTH hips this time. I went back to work the rest of the afternoon, and it started getting worse and worse, and spreading. By the time I got home from work, I ached all over. It was like I was getting the flu, except the pain in my hips was far greater than the other aching I had all over. I tried to lay down for awhile, but it was impossible to get comfortable, as each hip felt worse when I laid on either side or moved in the slightest.

Kevin had a doctor’s appointment the next morning and we had planned to go see Rogue One after that, but I wasn’t so sure at that point whether any of that was going to happen, the way I was feeling. I assured him that night, when he got home from work, that I’d try my best. We were both really looking forward to seeing the movie, the doctor not so much.

I took some Tylenol that night and actually managed to get a decent amount of sleep, though it was a bit rough. By morning I felt a little better. Still a lot of pain, but most of the aching was gone, then left hip felt fine again, but the right now still throbbed and was painful to stand on and just about the same to recline in my chair at home. I was kind of stuck with not being able to get comfortable at all. Very frustrating. It was a very rough time for several hours, but eventually it subsided after a couple more Tylenols and I was able to get some sleep.

The next morning was better, thank goodness, and I was shocked to be able to walking pretty good with only a little pain in the right hip & leg. The flu symptoms seemed to have almost completely disappeared. I woke up sweaty, so if it was a touch of the flu, maybe I was able to sweat it out overnight. So I figured at this point we were still on for the movie and Kevin’s doctor appointment. These went fine, and I was even a little surprised I was able to sit through the entire movie, stay awake, and enjoy myself! Being a huge Star Wars fan, I thought the movie was great!

During Kevin’s doctor appointment (we have the same doctor) the doctor asked how I was doing, so I explained my symptoms. I said I had pain and aching in my leg, but hadn’t mentioned which one. He asked “Is it your RIGHT leg?” and I said yes. How he knew which leg, I have no idea, but I should have asked. He said to let him know when I’d like to come in for an appointment myself, and he’ll probably have to schedule an MRI to see what’s going on.

The following day was Christmas Eve, and we spent most of the afternoon and evening at Matt & Anna’s. We had a good time and great food, and everything was very nice. The next day, Christmas, we spent at home, just Kevin, Sandy and I, opening presents and relaxing, then had a nice Christmas dinner that Sandy spent most of the day preparing. All in all, everything turned out very nice.

Sometime on Monday, December 26th, as I sat in my recliner with the pain and numbness coming and going a bit, I realized something. My WALLET was in my back right pocket–as it always has been since I was a teenager–and this hurt along with the rest of my right thigh and leg. Suddenly that light buld went on over my head and I hit the Interwebs in a flash. Sure enough, it’s a thing. Sciatica. Look it up for yourself. Hip Pocket Syndrome.  Why didn’t my doctor mention that possibility? I don’t know.

So I’ve removed my wallet from my back pocket, and since carrying it in the front pocket doesn’t help much either, according to the articles, I’ll stick to other options from now on. I’m so used to making sure it’s there by feeling for it though, it’s going to take some time to adjust and not panic when I realize it’s not there any more. I’ll get used to it. Now I need to focus more on exercising that leg and stretching more to try to reverse the damage. Hopefully it’s not permanent. If all goes well, and the recurrences of very bad pain and almost inability to walk at all go away, I’ll know for sure that the wallet was definitely the issue, no doubt.  I know I shouldn’t self-diagnose, but if that was the issue and it gets better now, it’ll sure be a lot cheaper than an MRI and several more doctor visits–my copays are rediculous.

What Nerve

Sandy saw an Orthopedic doctor today this afternoon.  After some discussion about her symptoms and condition, he scheduled an MRI.  He’s thinking it is possibly a pinched nerve.  They couldn’t schedule it until Friday, Dec. 26th, due to the holiday, so she’s going to have to suffer through Christmas like this, at the very least.  By Monday or Tuesday of next week hopefully they’ll know something and be able to treat her.

Update on Everything

Sorry it’s been so long between posts.  I’ve been very busy with a lot of things lately, so here’s what I’ve been up to:  iPod.  I picked up an iPod recently, on the recommendation of a few friends, and I can’t put the darned thing down! I had no idea it could be so addictive–as so accessorizable–if that’s even a word… You can get pretty much any accessory for it imaginable, from simple docks you just drop it into to full-blown high-end stereo systems it integrates into!  No, I didn’t go THAT far, but I did pick up a couple inexpensive “cube-like” clock/radios with iPod docks on them–one for home and one for my desk at work.  It just makes it so simple–just drop it into the slot and it plays all my music, my movies, my photos… I just saw a really cool dock at Sam’s Club today that I am considering now.  It looks just like a portable DVD player with a 7″ LCD display, except it has an iPod-sized cutout in the lower half…just drop the iPod in and you have a portable media player with a decent-sized 7″ display!  I might just have to pick that one up.  And get this–just for the heck of it I decided to see if it could handle syncing my entire collection of Digital Camera images–over 30,000 photos and growing.  It took several hours, but it worked just fine! I was amazed.  They’re compressed of course–it automatically reduces them to a comfortable iPod-compatible size–but they still look really decent when I run them as a slideshow with the iPod connected to our 1080p television!

Besides all the iPodding lately, a lot more of my spare time has also been eaten up by the handling my dad’s estate.  I was officially appointed the Personal Representative last week, so I’m the lucky one that gets to handle every aspect of finalizing all the details, selling assets, and wrapping things up completely.  At least there’s a lawyer involved to keep everything striaght and on-track.  I can use him when needed, but not without a price of course, so I’m doing as much of it as I can without his assistance, due to our very limited funds.  This week I put an ad in the paper to sell my dad’s van, and we’re actually getting a lot of calls about it, so hopefully that part of it will come to a close very soon.

Lastly, I have been having a lot of pain in my left knee over the past few months. Apparently it is the long-term effects of falling on a patch of ice in front of our house in the middle of last winter. I felt better a few weeks after the fall, so I assumed it would be ok.  It was a little sore over the months since, but lately it has become much more painful, and walking up or down stairs in almost impossible.  I had an MRI done a couple weeks ago, and they found a tear in the center of my knee.  I’m going to see a specialist on Monday to see what has to be done next.

That’s about it I think.  Oh, except for an excellent Audiobook I’m almost finished listening to (reading?) right now–yes, as I type this.  It’s called “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.  It was mentioned by Leo on the TWiT podcast recently.  It about a Virtual Reality professor at Carnegy-Mellon.  He found out he had cancer and only a few months to live, so he gave his last lecture.  The lecture itself is all over YouTube, you should definitely check it out.  The book isn’t the actual lecture, but more like his entire life story, up to and including everything about the lecture.  Randy Pausch just passed away a couple weeks ago.  Very sad story, but awesome reading and there’s a lot you can learn from him.  Take a look: