Ty’s Surprise

This is the video I took when we arrived back from Arizona to surprise Tyler. Jay called Ty once we got into Kenosha after driving from Arizona and he told him on the phone to get on the PS3 in about 15 minutes so they can video chat. Ty had no idea his dad was actually in Kenosha. When we arrived, Jay came into the house behind me and was bundled up to cover his face. He even spoke a couple times before Ty finally realized who it was.

And while we’re talking about Ty, here’s another video of him flying a tiny radio-controlled UFO that I picked up during our recent Arizona-to-Wisconsin road trip. We stopped in Roswell, New Mexico and I found this UFO in the gift shop at the UFO Museum. I thought it would be the perfect souvenir for Kevin, so I picked it up. This is one of Ty’s more successful attempts at a perfect flight.

Arizona-to-Wisconsin Road Trip

I just uploaded the first batch of photos from the road trip that Jay and took from Arizona to Wisconsin. This first batch is mostly mountains. I was very fascinated, having never seen a mountain “in-person” before. Jay took me up to the top of South Mountain in Phoenix, where I was able to just go nuts and snap hundreds of photos of everything I could. Time was very limited though, as we were on a rather tight schedule, so most photos were take from the car while moving. I did my best to take the best of them, punch them up a bit, and post them here, so I hope they look ok. Click on the thumbnail image to view them. The next batch coming up after this one is from our stop in Roswell, New Mexico. Still editing those though, but they’ll be up soon.