Skokie Caterpillar

Skokie CaterpillarHere are the photos from our recent visit to the Skokie Northshore Channel Park. Kevin and I went there as part of a group outing with some members of our Ingress faction. Each sculpture is a “portal” in the Google-created GPS game, so with such a large number of portals lined up in a row like the Channel Park, the group of portals resembles a caterpillar when you look at it on a map. Hence the title of this posting.

We had a good time, except it was a bit cold, and we thought it would warm up a bit throughout the day, so Kevin didn’t dress well enough to stay warm, and had a bit of a rough time of it. He still managed to take all the photos he could and did his part in the game though. I took the 147 photos in this album. He preferred to take his own photos, separately. We had a good time though, it’s a very nice park with a great walking path and lots to see. If you enjoy art, it’s a must-see.