Snow time like Superbowl Sunday!

Praying MantisJust in time for the 10+ inches of snow that Kenosha is currently getting dumped on us, here’s our photos from the Snow Sculpting Championships from yesterday.  Luckily, the storm didn’t start until last night, so we didn’t have any problems going out to Lake Geneva to enjoy it.  I didn’t prune out many photos, I figured my space is unlimited, so I just left all of Kevin’s and my photos together, and just sorted them by date and time.  Enjoy!

No captions are included – sorry about that, but there’s just too many to deal with.  Here are the winners though:

1st Place: Arbor Armor by Team Wisconsin 1

2nd Place: Invisible Man by Team Illinois 3

3rd Place: Dance of the Firebird

People’s Choice Award: Green Man by Team Wisconsin 4 (a giant head made of vegetables–looking at the photo in the paper, I don’t think we saw this one at the event.  I’m not sure how we missed it… or maybe we only got it from the sides or back…? Not sure.)

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Cold Weather, Packers and Bears…oh my!

Well, we’re in the deep-freeze part of Winter here in Wisconsin, when we’re lucky if we see no temperature at all outside—a.k.a. “0 degrees”, and everyone debates the differences between “Wind chill” and “Feels Like” calculations.  The Kenosha Unified School District has a strict policy of closing schools when “Either -20 degrees Fahrenheit sustained temperature or -34 degrees below zero or lower Fahrenheit sustained wind-chill,” so there’s something to look forward to.

Socks got stuck in the backyard the other day.  He ran out to the back fence to argue with the neighbor’s dog, and when I checked on him he was walking back to the house and halfway across the yard he started slowing down, slower and slower, then he stopped, looked up at me sadly and just whimpered.  I called him a few times and he couldn’t move.  I put on my shoes and went out there and carefully pulled his frozen feet from the icy snow, then carried him inside.  It only took him a few moments to recover though, and he was back to normal again.

Our forever-crumbling sidewalk around our house constantly fills with melted snow water when the temperature gets a little warmer in the daytime, then freezes to a solid, smooth surface at night, causing us a lot of problems with trying to walk across it, and worrying that someone (either us or a stranger walking by) will slip and fall, causing an injury.  We salt it daily too, but the salt washes away when it melts in the daytime.  We’ve sure spent our share of money on 10-lb. bags of salt, and have even had to use table salt as a last resort once in awhile.

At least both cars have started every time so far this season.  The colder it gets though, the more we long to make our move to Arizona.  It’s going to happen, we just haven’t set a date yet.  It’s like getting married.  There are so many things that have to be done first, so many plans to make, and it’s a real commitment.  Every winter and cold day brings us closer to it though.  It will not only be a lot warmer, but it will greatly improve our health and well-being.  It will also be a completely new chapter in our lives, so I’m already excited about it.Sackboy and the Packers-Bears Cookie

For now though, bring it on winter! Let’s see what you got! And Go Pack/Bears.  I’m on the fence.  I have family members on both sides of the fence for the Championship, but I’m not a football fan, so I’m neutral.  We’ll be watching the game Sunday, but what I’m looking forward to the most is Sandy’s snack menu–Mini Pigs in a Blanket, cocktail meatballs in barbeque sauce, cheese & sausage & crackers, ham-cream cheese-pickle rollups, a giant Packers-Bears cookie, and chicken wings!

Passing gas and digital TV

I recently heard a radio commercial on my way to work that startled me.  I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not at first. It was about passing gas, of all things.  It was a family at dinnertime and the dad says “After a meal like that, I have GOT to pass gas!” The kids scream “No! Daddy’s gas could kill us all!” Then the father goes on to explain that the kids are right, etc., etc.  At the end of the commercial they refer you to and it’s an ad from the American Legacy Foundation.  Check their website, there’s even a couple television commercials there.  They all are really vague about their exact meaning until the very end of the commercial, but they’re actually referring to the gas passed by second-hand smoke, not the bodily function of passing gas.  Geez, if I had to step outside every time I had to pass gas, I might as well LIVE out there!

Another new site worth visiting is  It provides all of the information you need about the upcoming switch to Digital TV in the US, which is taking place on 2/17/09.  Everyone will be required to either have a digital TV by that time, or have cable or satellite TV.  People who still have older TVs and use over-the-air signals to watch TV will have to purchase a Digital TV converter box in order to still watch TV.  Fortunately the site also provides the details on how you can apply for a coupon from the NTIA for $40 toward the purchase of a converter box (limit 2 per household).  Digital TV is defintely a reality, so it’s time to switch or you’ll be watching snow… And we’ve certainly seen enough SNOW lately!!

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