Socself-nestks, like myself, has a routine every morning.  Right after I get up, he’s waiting patiently to go outside.  He does his business, and in a few minutes (longer if it’s warm out) he’s knocking on the door to come in.  Once he’s in the house, the routine continues to the next step.  He waits patiently, once again, watching everything I do.  He’s waiting to be “bundled”.  I have him trained for the word “Nest”.  He expects a blanket–one of HIS blankets–to be laid out smoothly for him, then he hops in and gets comfortable, and I wrap him up tightly within it, with just his head peeking out of the roll.  From that point he is fully content for hours, or until he forced from his nest by other matters or distractions.  When I saw this animated GIF today, I got quite a kick out of it!  If I could only train Socks to do this, that’s one less chore I’d have to do each morning!  But then again, I enjoy it, so I actually wouldn’t want to stop doing it anyway… Nevermind, Socks.

Photomosaic of Socks

SocksPosterI created a 3-foot posted of Socks for the wall above my desk using 10,000+ photos I had on my PC as the palette.  I created it with Andrea Modaic Professional, then loaded the final image into CorelDraw and printed it as a 3-foot poster on tiled sheets of standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  The hardest part was using scissors to trim the proper edges, and align and tape them, but it was fun.  If you’d like to see the actual poster, up close, here’s the actual image, full size.   I gave it the option to NOT re-use any images (but some are burst shots, to they LOOK very similar) and gave it permission to horizontally flip images, but not to rotate them.  And if you’re interested in the rest of the geeky details, here they are:  Socks Mosaic Details


Looking back: Socks

Socks 2002While playing the Christmas Memories slideshow this holiday season, a few gems stood out for me.  Photos I remembered fondly, but never noted in any other way, so they just sort of disappeared into the mix.  They were never specifically titled or labeled, so they are difficult to find when searching using keywords.  So when they pop up, I try to remember the year and photo # which I added to the bottom right corner of the screen in the slideshow.  This is one of them.  This is Socks in 2002, just after we got him, with his first collar on.  He’s 12 years old now, and still our lil puppy.  These days he’ll do anything for a little warmth & snuggling, and loves a little “nest” anywhere he can get someone to make one.  Even the word “nest” gets him excited.  Lay out a heavy blanket–or HIS favorite blanket–when you say it and he’ll hop right on top, waiting to be folded into it like a pig in a blanket!  Then he’ll stay there as long as possible to soak up all the heat he can.  Our perpetual puppy.

Christmas Downtown

Kevin, Socks and I walked downtown one day last weekend on the day of the annual tree lighting and the storefront decorations contest.  We went earlier than all the festivities though, just to get a good dog walk in while there weren’t crowds yet.  It was fun, and we took a bunch of photos of all the storefronts.

During our winter walks, Socks can get a little cold, so he’ll sometimes walk on 3 legs, allowing one to rest a little or warm up a bit, before using it again (that’s my theory anyway).  So he was doing this, and a car stops in the middle of the street after we crossed it, and a lady yells out that the salt is hurting my dog’s feet!  She said “you need to clean off his feet!”  When we ignored her and kept walking, she jumps out of the car and walks toward us, angry, and says the same thing again.  When she finally got real close to us, she reaches for Socks and says “give him to me, I’ll do it!”  I picked up Socks right away, and said “No, you’re not touching my dog!”  She said “let me clean off his feet, or YOU clean them off!”  I said “he’s fine, and you’re not touching him!”  She said “If you don’t clean off his feet right now, I’m calling the police!”  I said, “you go ahead and call the police, but you’re not touching my dog.”  We continued walking and Socks was fine.  I knew, if she had touched him, or even tried to, he would have certainly bit her (or me, on accident, in the commotion) so I wasn’t about to let that happen.  She stormed back to her car and said “I’m calling them anyway!”  I heard her say “Sheesh, stupid people!” as well, as she walked back to her car, which was stopped in the middle of the street.Socks Coat

Whether she called them or not, I don’t know.  Sure, maybe she was just concerned about him, how he was walking on 3 feet and we seemed to be ignoring him, I get that.  But to us it was just such a startling encounter, she came off as way to demanding and pretty irate.  And she has no idea what our dog’s habits are, how he walks normally or anything, she just seemed to assume we were abusing him.  We finished our walk and Socks warmed up just fine in the car ride home.  Sandy picked up a neat Winter coat for him a few days later though.  Won’t help his paws from freezing much, but it’s nice and snug like a thunder blanket, and he seems to like it.  It should at least keep him a little warmer on our walks.